29 Years Old Sabrina Saggu Who Earns £70,000 A Year Insists People Should Earn Six Figures Before Settling Down


Sabrina Saggu, 29, left her ‘day job’ to trade cryptocurrency full-time and raised more than $100,000 in just 45 days. She relied on social media to assist her in her cryptocurrency trading. This is because she has always had the goal of continuing to live a luxurious lifestyle, and she has been working hard to achieve it. Despite this, she receives negative feedback from people who have never met her because of her appearance and attire.

Sabrina Saggu left her day job to make money with cryptocurrencies, and it was a pure act of confidence.


“I’ve generally been a huge advocate for people clearing six figures before they even consider settling down or starting a family on the grounds that most relationships end due to a lack of money,” Sabrina explained.

“Of course, there are special situations where one finds an accomplice vibrating at a similar high frequency and they become together, but this is exceedingly rare.”

Sabrina isn’t a fan of traditional fairytales. We are all responsible for working hard to achieve our individual objectives.


Sabrina Saggu is someone who has struggled to make ends meet by serving as a waitress, among other things. She, on the other hand, has no desire to “meet a man who will save you when you’re in trouble and have children, happily ever after.”

However, the African-Indian descendant has been chastised for her appearance.


Sabrina, who enjoys wearing provocative clothing, is referred to as “someone’s arm candy” because of her attractiveness. “It’s been happening to me ever since I can remember,” she told FEMAIL. People mistakenly believe that an attractive woman’s lavish lifestyle is offered by a man.”

She has never relied on a man to support her lavish lifestyle, and she is uninterested in short-term relationships.

People dismiss her, but her good work ethic was instilled in her by her family.

Sabrina Saggu grew up in Toronto before moving to London as a teenager. Her ancestors came to England from Africa and India. Following that, they moved to Canada, where Sabrina was born.


Indeed, this care may have been preferable to her previous employment: “When I worked in traditional jobs, I was always abused or made to feel insecure by my employers, managers, and coworkers.”

She said, “I’m very fortunate and thankful, and something that I’d love to do is get my story out into the world,” when asked about how different her current industry’s environment is.


She also discusses how s*x discrimination has made women feel like “they need to be polite because they need their jobs,” according to her.


Sabrina Saggu sends out encouraging messages to other women, such as not getting too attached to a man too soon. It’s more important for people to concentrate on “seeking and being the best version of themselves.”

When it comes to settling down, I’m not so sure. Sabrina said, “You have the rest of your life to do that.”


Finding someone whose goals match with yours and motivates you to be a better person will be a bonus!