5 Beautiful And Hottest Babes Of Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian is a millionaire poker player. He travels a lot, he loves social media and posting to his 22.6 followers on Instagram. He often posts pictures with his weapons, private jets, homes, vacations, of course, his half-naked lady friends. His Instagram is filled with gorgeous women. Dan Bilzerian is obsessed with the ladies, he even said that he’s once slept with 17 girls in one week. So, Today I gonna tell you his top 5 hottest girls that he has slept with.


5. Alana Kari

She is Alana Kari. Dan posted this picture back in 2013 and he captioned it “life is pretty good lately”. Alana Kari is a very beautiful girl with amazing curves and she definitely doesn’t mind showing them off. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her in tight dresses and bikinis. She also likes supposed a lot of pictures of her outings with her girlfriends who are just as beautiful as she is.


4. Megan Belet

Her name is Megan Belet and she’s stunning when you visit Megan’s Instagram page you can see that she’s really into fitness and taking care of her body so that’s something two of them have in common and let me tell you this Kentucky native has both beauty and brains. She’s an Irvine grad and a year three medical grad student. dan posted pictures of himself and Megan for quite a few months so I’m guessing they were pretty close. But now according to her social media, she has a new man in her life. So I’m guessing things didn’t work out between the two of them.