5 Crazy Outfits of Rani Mukherji Proves Her Designers Must Be Fired Immediately


Rani Mukerji is an ordinary girl with a bold on-screen persona and conventional charm. Didn’t she impress us all with her performance as Tina in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?

Rani Mukerji’s sartorial style in the Karan Johar film has actually stood the test of time. Even today, the Bollywood film can be emulated in terms of colourful co-ords worn casually, layering with bulky outerwear, and the high-octane mini dress perfect for shindigs.


Rani Mukherji normally sticks to the classics, but her most recent fashion outings have left us cold. Rani doesn’t appear in public very much, but when she does, people like to ask her stylist about her odd outfits.

When Rani dresses appropriately, she looks great. She, on the other hand, prefers to be ignorant of this reality. Since she is short and a little chubby, she seems to make a terrible mistake when selecting clothing that emphasises these characteristics. When she wears bell-bottomed trousers or straight-cuts, for example, she looks like one of the worst dressed celebrities. Furthermore, it appears that the actress has developed an obsession with large shades, whether they are sunnies or not. It’s very much a part of her signature style now.

Let us be clear: we adore Rani. She’s been a long-time favourite of ours. She is free to dress in whatever she wants. The only thing that irritates us is that if you have a lot of money, why not buy the best that money can buy?

Take a look and make your own decision-

1- For Umang 2020 in a pantsuit


The actor was dressed in a sequined blazer with matching trousers and a black shirt. This outfit makes it look like you decided to dress up for your office Halloween party while still being able to function! The outfit may have succeeded in the 1990s, but it now looks dated and like a parody of one of today’s most common fashion trends.

2- For the Mardaani 2 promotion


During one of the promotional events, the actor was seen wearing a champagne gold T-shirt with white trousers with golden stripes on both sides. Her expression left us perplexed and, well, disappointed. Shouldn’t the chic aspect be marginally higher because this was her own film promotion? The glasses, of course, make an appearance!

3- The saree situation


She looks stunning in sarees, but there have been times when the saree was lovely and flexible, but the blouse just didn’t cut it. As with the previous three choices. The blouse appears to be slightly ill-fitting in the yellow and blue option. That collar is just too old-fashioned for the lavender saree. And, yes, did you notice the colossal spectacles?

4- That sweater from 1975 


Fans speculated that she had borrowed the pink Dora-The Explorer pullover from her daughter Adira’s wardrobe when she stepped out wearing it. It’s not that the sweater wasn’t cute; it was, but the colour and print were just too loud for an airport. She paired it with a pair of blue denim for a killer look. For an adult, the overall outfit was just too childish. She went for a sling bag with adorable motifs all over the lining, including the shoulder strap. We adore you, Rani, but what have you been up to lately?

5- Another one


We’re baffled as to why Rani agreed to this look. The huge sunglasses almost make it impossible to look past them, and the bejewelled bag looks like a Barbie dress-up reject! There’s no way this outfit is trendy with this massive red patchwork sweater and sunnies.