61-Year-Old Model Truly Stuns Her Swimsuit Drive, And Reveals Her Sexy Secrets


Right from the very beginning, the concept has always been that if the swimsuit is all about sexiness then the models who wear them have to be sexy too. But Yazemeenah Rossi has defied all these notions and broken this ancient swimsuit myth. How come? It’s simple, she’s 61 years old and still looks sexy, and out beats any young model currently on the ramp. This grandmother who never dyes her hair reveals her sexy secrets, while she stuns everyone with her swimsuit drive.

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1. At this age, this 61-year-old model went on to defy all the younger models, that one doesn’t need to be young to be sexy, to don the swimsuit.

2. Being a grandmother of two, she never had the slightest thought that New York Based designers Land Of Women would select her for a swimsuit shoot.

3. The very first day when her swimsuit images were uploaded, she received almost 12,000 followers. And now she has more than 27,000 fans following.

4. Her white hair and her wrinkle-free skin have become very popular. Rossi’s smooth skin is better than any young model.

5. She had her first child at the age of 16 and the second at the age of 20. She divorced her husband at the age of 28 and took the step to become a model.

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6. Rossi worked almost 10 years as a fittings model for Hermes and YSL. She follows her own principles and does what is right, including ads.

7. She has worked with some top US brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Barneys, Ford, J Crew, and Bobbi Brown from the age of 30.

8. Rossi reveals the secrets behind her being sexy at this age includes a nutritious diet, daily yoga and lots of s3x.

9. Rossi reveals that every relationship she has had with men, all of them have awakened a part of her. The men also seemed to have enjoyed her company because she has no hang-ups or restrictions.

10. When she launched her swimsuit drive, all her model colleagues praised her courageous move, but then this is what Rossi’s true nature is.

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11. The 61-Year-Old model reveals her love for eating organic food and believes in cooking fresh food every day.  She prefers vegetables, fruits, and nuts, along with high-quality meat and fish.

12. This is one of the sexy secrets she reveals, every day she spends 30 minutes to one hour doing yoga for the past 30 years. And goes for 15-45 minutes walk in the water on the beach.

13. She reveals, that one of her secrets towards her incredible complexion, is that she rubs olive oil on a regular basis, which she home makes it with fine sugar, in order to exfoliate her skin.

14. She reveals, that she eats one avocado each day along with nutrient-rich meals, which makes her look sexy.

15. Massaging her eye-catching white locks every day with rapeseed oil has helped her. And in shampoos, her favorites are Phyto’s Phytargent, Living Proof, and Cibaderm’s Hemp CBD, it’s a shampoo and conditioner with a hemp oil base and naturally dries her hair, avoiding dryer.

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16. Besides oil, she reveals some more secrets, that she has faith in products like May Lindstrom Skin and Rebecca Underdown’s Vendetta Skin, which are all natural brands with whom she’s already been working for five years as a model.

17. She lives at the beach and doesn’t require much makeup when she already looks so sexy and gorgeous without it. At the most, she wears Dr. Hauschka lip balm and Josie Maran’s cheek and eye color.

18. Rossi also engages herself in learning fine art and photography. The 61-Year-Old model also goes for acting classes during weekends and reveals a strong desire to work in science fiction or adventure movies.

19. This model reveals some more secrets about her being very spiritual and how much she loves to be in touch with nature. Rossi also has a very renewed attitude towards her aging.

20. The 61-Year-Old model also reveals that she believes in letting go because it’s useless to waste time on struggle and resistance will not bring any change either. In fact, it would turn things more ugly and all this could make her sexy glitter disappear.

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