7 Famous People Who Have No Real Skill Or Talent!


Gone are those days when only talented people became famous and got popularity. But nowadays anyone can famous if they even do some weird thing or being the worst in any field. If you don’t trust me then here I gonna give you a valid example. Dhinchak puja. She is an example of worst in the field of singing but looks, she got all fame and popularity to such extent that she got called for Big Boss. Check out other such examples.

7. Rahul Gandhi

Well, who doesn’t know Rahul Gandhi? Everyone. He is the most trolled Indian politician. Every time he gives speeches, he gives new views and templates to the memes.


6. Gormint  Aunty

Gormint aunty is hugely famous back days. Everyone knows her name on social media. She is from Pakistan. While she was speaking to a news channel she started abusing the whole administration and then what? she became social media meme material.


5. Naoman Khan

Naoman calls herself a Legend. That confidence must be appreciated though. She pens down her stupidity adds some annoying sound and calls this shit – ‘music’.


4. Daimou Kosaka

Unfortunately! He is a singer. He writes many ridiculous lyrics and then adds useless tone to it which everyone finds it funny and share it for fun which is where he got all the fame.


3. Dhinchak Pooja

Well, I don’t think I need to give information about her. Everyone knows her as her voice is a pain to everyone’s ear. Remember her tuneless, ruthless and ear damaging track- “Selfie Maine le li Aaj”.



2. Kamal Rashid Khan

His real talent is to tweet rubbish and negative remark for the movie whose producers have not paid him to promote. he is like a virus in the Bollywood industry. He is also surrounded by countless controversies.


1. Rakhi Sawant

Well, She always got some work in Bollywood, not because of any real talent but because of nudity and senseless controversies.