9 Reasons Why Even a Woman Who Loves You Madly Can Leave You for Good


Most people know that women can be charmingly enigmatic and unpredictable, but it’s only until they pack up and leave their things. They could just bang the door shut and go quietly when you’re at work forever.

1. She doesn’t feel that she can depend on you.

But women who love their independence so much want to be able to depend on others when they need it. And there are times in women’s lives (such as pregnancy or maternity leave) where men are in great need. Only a trustworthy individual can make a woman feel at ease.

2. She is bored of satisfying your requirements.

Being in great shape and good mood, cooking unique food, reading smartbooks, and interacting with your friends — this is a long list of demands, don’t you think? It is always tiring to constantly have to fulfil somebody’s requirements.

3. She doesn’t feel like she is the only one.

And this is not just a matter of cheating. It’s important for women to see that you love them and not see that you are staring at other people.

4. She is tired of your lack of trust and need for total control.

It’s completely insane to waste a week trying to get permission to see friends and then have to answer your calls and texts in the evening. Hearing your fears and discussing all on Facebook is not a sign of a good relationship. Very few women like that sort of relationship.

And why not abandon her first if you have real reasons not to trust your girlfriend?

5. You are a cause of negative emotions.

You ‘re like this because you’re still frustrated, you ‘re not open to trying new stuff and you’re always shooting down any and all of your girlfriend’s proposals because you think they ‘re stupid. She’ll just want to move on somewhere to evolve and make her and your life more interesting.

6. You are from 2 different worlds.

When we are too much in love to notice at the very beginning of a relationship, we can not think clearly and we forget other issues like the families we are from, who are our friends and so on. Just after a while, when the euphoria is wearing off, do we remember that his mates are people you will never be related to or that her family is completely intolerable.

7.  You are too foolish.

She wants to have kids, and you want to leave your job, and go with your friends to Phuket. Or you want the biggest piece of the cake and a new gaming console. There are exceptions, but in general, women are not prepared to have children with immature people.

8. She is tired of giving without receiving.

Give in without getting something back? This way successful relationships do not work. 2 Single adults can only be together when they really genuinely want the relationship and when they regularly communicate their feelings through words and acts.

9. She is not sure you know what you want.

You don’t want to rely on individuals whose plans are still up in the air. For a person who is changing their minds all the time, you can not accomplish something important.

1. Your plans for the near future are not the same.

We know what you want, we know what they want. The problem is, the dreams for the future are different or directly contradict each other. She has just completed some design courses, studied a language, for example, and is looking into work abroad. You won’t move out of your town or country and you’re looking to build a small house with a lovely garden not far from your parents.

Would you agree with those motives? Share those ideas with us if you have your own ideas!