A 78-year-old man married to 17-year-old girl gets divorced in 22 days of marriage.


A 78-year-old Indonesian man who married a 17-year-old girl decided within 22 days of their wedding to part ways with his bride. The pair, 78-year-old Abah Sarna, and his son, 17-year-old Noni Navita, who got married last month, filed last week for divorce.

Because of their large age gap, the newlyweds have received a lot of popularity.

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Her family was left in shock when Abah sent a divorce letter to Noni as they did not see any issues in the relationship.

“I was surprised because there was no ‘wind and storm,’ it unexpectedly became like this,” the Harian Metro quoted Noni’s sister Iyan as saying.

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“Abah Sarna has no problem with our family. The problem, however, came from Abah Sarna and his family, who seemed to object to the marriage,” she added.

There were rumours that the couple parted ways because, before their marriage, Noni was pregnant, but Iyan denied the charges.

In addition to a motorcycle, mattress, and wardrobe, Abah gave RM 2,819 (Rs 50,000) to Noni. The dowry had also caught the attention of users of social media as a truck had to transport it.

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An Indonesian man married both his girlfriends in another incident at the same time as he didn’t want to hurt them. Pictures of the wedding ceremony that took place in Airtarap, Kalimantan, went viral last August. As a dowry to the brides’ families, the man paid a handsome sum.

It is a traditional tradition in Indonesia for the groom to give a dowry to the family of the bride.