A Mother With a Skin Condition Learns to Embrace Herself & Becomes a Model


Beauty is deep beyond the eyes, “says Iomikoe Johnson, whose decision not only made her famous but also moved thousands of people by not hiding who she is.” Her condition is called vitiligo, and she has endured a great deal of negativity and anxiety because of it. But with the help and encouragement of her fiancé, children, and family, this mother has grown relaxed and secure in her own skin. And she’s made it her mission since then to empower others.

Vitiligo is a condition in which pigment cells die and cause the skin’s colour to lose its pigment, turning the area white in effect. The disease is considered relatively widespread and can not be cured. Iomikoe has learned, “I want the world to see my work,” to recognise this and embrace her skin and herself. “I walk through art, human art,” she says.

When she was 25, Iomikoe, now 38, acquired vitiligo, and at the time she did not know what it was. She thought it was cancer when she first found the initial white spots on her shoulder, but when the patches spread inexplicably to other parts of her body, she realised it was completely different. She was mocked over her appearance during this time of her life, called a “cow” and “Dalmatian” by others, while people stared at her on the street, children were scared to approach her, and there were even those who would refuse to shake her hand altogether.

She was seriously affected by these negative experiences and at the time she would not come out of her home without spending hours applying make-up on the areas of her body that were affected to feel relaxed enough to move outside. She would also wear long-sleeve clothes in addition to make-up, so she would not be discriminated against for her appearance.

When she met her fiancé, who told her that he loved her with or without make-up, change and acceptance came into her life. She then decided to embrace herself and make a concerted attempt to avoid hiding behind the foundation and concealer.

She says it was just like, “If you’re not going to wear makeup at home with me, then you don’t have to wear it out in the world, like, to see everyone else …” You’re gorgeous, and if they don’t like it, then it’s up to them.

Iomikoe looked for inspiration to the Canadian model and spokeswoman, Winnie Harlow, as she grew in confidence and could depend on her family for support since she also has vitiligo.

Today, Iomikoe is involved in many ventures, including a book she wrote (The Spotted Girl Who Inspired the World), appearing in an upcoming film, designing a line of clothing (My Faith is Contagious), and her career in modelling, which she uses to spread her message and encourage others with vitiligo.

I want people to know that from within, beauty begins. If I can do that, you can believe in yourself, and enjoy the skin in which you are.

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The storey of Iomikoe Johnson is inspiring, moving, and carries a strong and optimistic message, a message of self-love, acceptance, and trust, and we are all about that! Do you know anyone personally who has vitiligo? We would love to read your storeys, to share them with us, to feel free.

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