A Personal Trainer Gained 70 lb to Lose Weight With His Client, and It Did Work


Losing weight is a difficult task since you must exercise regularly, eliminate bad (but tasty) foods from your diet, and stay motivated all at the same time. We may all benefit from a guide who is willing to share their views openly in order to help us become healthier versions of ourselves. However, a trainer’s willingness to share your sorrow and fight this struggle alongside you is what makes or breaks them. And that is just what Adonis Hill did to motivate his client to lose weight.

we applaud people who go above and beyond to help others, even if it means saving their lives. This trainer demonstrated how important it is to have assistance while starting an exercise routine.

This story began with the TV show Fit To Fat To Fit, in which personal trainers acquire weight and challenge themselves in order to better understand their clients’ challenges. When asked if he would gain 70 pounds for someone else, Adonis Hill replied emphatically, “If it means saving their life, heavens yes!”

Alissa, one of his clients, had been overweight her entire life. She weighed 308 pounds when she started this undertaking. To equal his partner, Adonis had to gain more than 70 pounds in just four months. To do so, he ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of soda, and quit working out.

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His commitment to the cause resulted in some health difficulties. Because Adonis was diagnosed with hypertension and hyperglycemia, doctors had to halt his weight gain one month sooner than expected. The good news is that he is no longer taking medication because his weight has returned to normal. He has no regrets, though, and compares his risk to “a fireman walking into a burning building and rescuing someone caught by a fire.”

The second half of the voyage began after the first goal was achieved. Alissa and her selfless trainer collaborated to achieve their ideal bodies. They jogged, lifted weights, ate a rigorous diet, and cheered each other on during those trying moments. It was a difficult task since they had to contend with not only their own laziness, but also past addictions to bad foods and the judgments of others, all of which have the potential to derail any aspirations.

After a few months, they both had outstanding outcomes. Alissa lost 57 pounds in four months, whereas Adonis said his weight was approximately 227 pounds. This means that this venture was worth the effort.

Adonis Hill demonstrated via his personal experiences that anyone can achieve anything if they are sufficiently driven. He comes to the conclusion that it was all about empathy, or the ability to comprehend and share another person’s sentiments. The trainer hopes that by conducting this experiment, he may raise awareness about the dangers of obesity. “If we had gone down that unhealthy path, we would have ended ourselves in a cemetery.”

Do you know anyone else that is willing to go above and beyond their normal obligations to accomplish something?