A Woman From Australia Makes Parodies of Famous Celebrity Photos and Gives Them a Real-Life Twist


Often the images on Instagram appear to be absolutely unbelievable. With celebrity images, which are literally saturated with glamorous bodies and costly things, this is particularly true. Fortunately for us, it was the dream of Celeste Barber to take care of our self-esteem and make others laugh well. This “Actress, Comedian, Writer, Lady” creates humorous Instagram parodies of star pictures.

Well, nice try, though

A weird way to wash your car, but no matter what,

Part 2 of the Black Swan

If ancestral spirits live inside you,

After Every Workout, The True Feeling

Shh, I’m trying to meditate

 I even pout…

Before and after the techno party

Hey, boy. Here is the sun and here I am!