5 Actresses Who Should Only Wear Bikinis To Cover Their Non-existing Talent!


The audience of today loves beautiful women! What, really, isn’t? And if that beautiful girl has brains and talent as well, people will die for her! That’s so true for Bollywood actresses who proved their mettle with their splendid acting and amazing performances, where the only focus area was part of their body above the neck!

Then there are some glam dolls whose only claim to fame is their sexy body and that figure that drools men all day and night around them! Wow!

Many of these heroines have zero talent, but they are flawless eye sweets! My point is they should stay that instead of trying to act because they’re still sucking at it! So why don’t you show some skin and earn some money, right?

Here’s the list of 5 actresses who should wear only bikinis and stop trying to act and just look beautiful and do nothing else:

1) Sunny Leone

In her situation, wearing a bikini is more than she’s expected to do because her claim to fame requires no clothing at all! Before each release of her (film ) you dirty minded people!! she gives interviews and talks about how she has given her all as an actress and is searching for more difficult roles! Clearly, after the movie, everybody knows that she has not even begun’ A’ of acting! Better stop it Sunny, just expose your curves and the world will be happier!

2) Katrina Kaif

For many years, Ms. Beautiful has tried to learn and act Hindi, but every attempt has failed! Yes, she should realize that people have even stopped wanting her to win so she shouldn’t be so harsh on herself. Relax, sweetheart, just smile like a hottie you’re and start making settlement arrangements. Do not act in your teacup!

3) Jacqueline Fernandes

This import from Sri Lanka has made the right contacts, picked the right type of support system in Bollywood (read Salman Khan) and exposes sexuality from every pore of her body! And why does she have to act? She will live for a long time on the basis of the above-described qualities! Carry on Jacky, the Indians look crazy, we as a nation don’t give too much attention to beautiful and talented people! You’re blessed with just one of the two!