Adnan Sami’s Brother Makes Shocking Statements About The Singer


One of the most popular singers in the Asian continent is Adnan Sami. When the singer of Pakistani descent teamed up with some of India’s biggest stars, like Amitabh Bachchan and Asha Bhonsle, in the early 2000s, he had immediate success in the country.

Adnan Sami’s Wife

To the dismay of his native country and its people, the artist has openly declared his love for India and just obtained Indian citizenship. Junaid Sami Khan, his brother, recently shocked Adnan fans by writing a lengthy, in-depth essay on his singer brother. Although the incendiary Facebook post has now been removed, everyone was shocked by the information.

Adnan Sami Brother Junaid Khan

“Adnan Sami was born on August 15, 1969, in a hospital in Rawal Pindi. In 1973, I was born at the same hospital. Hence, any claims made by him that he was born in England or elsewhere are false. He received the degrees from Lahore despite failing his O levels in England. In Abu Dhabi (sic), he completed his A levels privately, according to the post. Sami allegedly recorded an offensive film of Junaid’s second wife, according to Junaid.

Adnan Sami may have greatly aided me musically. He is aware of my singing ability and talent. Many people have even remarked that my voice is marginally superior to his. The border! Yet he never showed concern and continued to be an egotist. Never gave me a launch in India! He has a sketchy reputation. Did he think I might have surpassed him professionally? Don’t discount it! I’m now doing nothing at home. The main cause of it, according to the post, is Adnan Sami.

Junaid blamed his singer not just for his nonexistent musical career but also for their father’s failure.

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One of the quickest piano players in the world, Adnan Sami was just given the Padma Shri award. While his brother and his son (from a previous marriage) live in Pakistan, he currently resides in Bombay with his wife and daughter.