Adult Star Adriana Chechik Explains Why She’s Quitting The Industry


Adriana Chechik, an adult actress, has disclosed her reasons for leaving the business.

Chechik made an appearance on the Holly Randell Unfiltered podcast where she discussed her reasons for quitting and her future goals.


The 30-year-old doesn’t regret working in the field that propelled her to fame since it gave her a sense of empowerment.

Chechik said in the podcast, “I feel overpowered; it’s incredibly nice to manage a bunch of men.

“I’m in a scenario where not only am I empowered because everyone is worshipping me, but you have a whole room of people there, including the director who want you to have fun,” the actor said.

She also mentioned that she wants to look into new job opportunities, such as Twitch video game streaming.

Chechik stated in the discussion that Twitch had been the best blessing for him because it was the first time in his life that he had been on a platform. I was merely in a place where individuals valued me for who I am.

“I just need to have everyone see myself in a different light first.

“I was yearning for intelligence and education, but I just wasn’t receiving it… I had no idea what was going on outside.

Because I fetishized myself, my experiences and talks on [Twitch] helped me realise that “you’re more than simply how you’ve fetishized yourself”; they also helped me realise that I am more than this.

Chechik stated that she learned how to construct her own computer and create her own studio using Twitch. She added that she had accomplished what “she wanted to do” in the field and that she now wants to work on “larger and better” projects.

Chechik plays games like Scum and Final Fantasy on the Twitch website, where she has more than 780,000 followers. The devoted video gamer recently committed to competing in a Fortnite tournament on August 25, 2022, with the intention of streaming it on her account.

She was notified, however, that she was prohibited from taking part an hour before it was scheduled to begin. Chechik thinks that being turned away was because of her prior employment in the adult business.

There are two different approval processes that you must go through for these tournaments, she informed her Twitch viewers.

“Twitch Rivals and Twitch approving you is the first step. The second is the event’s host firm, which is a video game studio. I suppose they decided yesterday night not to accept me due to my adult work.

The creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, then issued a statement in which they claimed that there had been a miscommunication between them and Twitch.

It said: “This should never have affected the streamer’s participation in the Rivals event including Fortnite. It was the consequence of a miscommunication between us and Twitch.

Our standards forbid the use of mature content in connection with Fortnite due to its “T” rating.

“We requested that Twitch works with Adriana to take out allusions to sexual content from the background of her stream.

To be clear, Adriana is invited to watch Fortnite streams and take part in upcoming events.

Adult star Adriana Chechik has opened up about why she is quitting the adult industry. Credit: @bratnasty69/Instagram

Chechik discussed her aspirations to assist others and how she eventually wants to “get into life coaching” in later episodes of the podcast.

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I want to start life coaching, she declared. I refer to it as kindness coaching. I want to start assisting others in realising how lovely the world is.

When asked what profession she might have chosen if she hadn’t begun in the adult film industry last year during a Reddit Q&A, Chechik had a totally different response.

She declared, “I would genuinely be creating robotics or prosthetics.”