Video: Afghan & Pak Fans Take Rivalry Too Far, Videos Show Them Throwing Stadium Chairs At Each Other


At the Sharjah cricket stadium, Afghan supporters were seen tearing off the chairs and hurling them randomly at Pakistan supporters, some of whom they hit in the back.

Since both teams have an equal chance of winning in the final over of a cricket match, it is frequently referred to as an “edge of the seat” thriller. But that doesn’t happen in an effort to push back the supporters of the rival team; it simply happens because people tighten up in tense moments.

The incident took place on Wednesday at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium after Pakistan defeated Afghanistan in the Super 4.

Shoaib Akhtar tweeted, “This is what Afghan fans are doing,” denouncing the antics of the Afghan fans. They have previously performed this action numerous times. This is a game, therefore play it appropriately and with the right attitude. @ShafiqStanikzai, if you want to advance in the sport, both your fans and your players need to understand a few things.

Afghanistan was excellent on the field and had Pakistan on the edge of collapse after taking out nine wickets. Pakistan just had one wicket and needed 11 runs in the last over. Afghanistan was without a doubt the favourite.

However, two strong smashes from Naseem Shah put an end to Afghanistan’s chances of participating in the current Asia Cup. Videos depict fans upsetting one of the stands and randomly flinging chairs at Pakistani fans. The Pakistani supporters hurriedly tried to get away for safety.

Neither the Sharjah Cricket Stadium administration nor the cricket organisations have made any public statements following the events.

India has been eliminated from the 2022 Asia Cup final after Pakistan’s cricket team defeated Afghanistan. The victory also crowned Pakistan and Sri Lanka as the competition’s champions, with India and Afghanistan losing both of their Super Four games.

The team of Rohit Sharma was at risk after suffering two straight defeats—a five-wicket loss to Pakistan and a six-wicket defeat to Sri Lanka—and needed other things to go their way.

Since the 2014 competition, India has not suffered a loss in the Asia Cup. The team had won the first Asia Cup T20 tournament in Bangladesh in 2016 with MS Dhoni at the helm, and it followed it up in 2018 with a second title in the UAE with Rohit Sharma without losing a match.