Aishwarya Being Trolled For ‘Botox’ Instead Of Being OG Cannes Goddess


Every time a celebrity makes an appearance, a certain segment of the public finds something to criticise. It might be their clothing, the way they walk, or, if all else fails, how they appear.

It happens more frequently to female celebrities because they appear to be an easier target. “Why is she talking like that?” “She appears to be elderly.” “How did you get that look?” There are numerous explanations for this.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the Bollywood starlet, experienced something similar while attending the 75th Cannes Film Festival recently.

The actress and former Miss World has a long list of accomplishments to her name, and it is fair to say that she paved the way for the numerous Indian performers that walk the red carpet today, whether at international events, in movies, or on the red carpet.

She was a global sensation even before Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone became well-known in other countries. In other words, she did it long before it became commonplace.

She is one of the original Cannes goers, having attended the festival on a regular basis for the past two decades.

Among all the celebrities in attendance, her walk down the red carpet is the most anticipated. Not only that, but in 2003, her second year in Cannes, she was the first Indian actress to serve on the jury (she made her debut in 2002).

Trolls found a way to bring her down this year, as the world waited for her to walk down the red carpet at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Trolls criticised her for “looking different,” “having something done to her face,” and “getting botox” shortly after her first images went viral.

In the comments area, people are debating the finer points of her face, from her nose to her lips to her cheeks.

“Oh goodness, her face is inflated, looks like she might have done botox,” one user said. “She looks dreadful what she did she is big or what?” wrote another. “Too much botox, she looks too old,” someone wrote. “Did anyone see the difference in her lips from the prior posts and now??????,” someone another commented.

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Male performers who have operations done to their faces are readily spared and disregarded, whereas actresses get a lot of attention for it. It’s amusing because if she had flaunted wrinkles, fine lines, or droopy skin on the red carpet, these same individuals would have slammed her for looking old.

What’s more, the majority of them are Indians who, rather than being proud of her 20-year run at Cannes, believe it’s more important to comment on why her face appears lifted, firm, or different. It appears like they have their priorities straight.