Alexa Dellanos: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexa Dellanos

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Alexa Dellanos has made a splash with her hot and sexy pics on the internet which she regularly posts. Her career is based on an internet personality and since she started her venture on Instagram and Twitter, she has accumulated quite a lot of attention. She was born on 30 December 1993, now she’s 25 and she’s already created a sweet deal for herself. You may have seen this beauty queen or track her on social media, but here are ten things about Alex Dellanos that you didn’t know.

1. She Has A Famous Mother

Delanos’s mother is a renowned Cuban American actress and journalist, Myrka Dellanos, who has also worked as a television host on radio and television. Many people were expecting her daughter, Alexa, to follow in her footsteps but Alexa seemed to have other plans for her life. Myrka has made an impressive life for herself and has an approximate net worth of $1.6 million, which tells you that Alexa grew up pretty much without much wanting.

2. Her Father Is A Doctor

While her mom makes a living as a well-known journalist, her father is not doing too shabby either. Delano’s ‘ father is a medical doctor. He has established his Internal Medicine practice in Miami, Florida, and both of her parents were able to support her financially throughout her years until she started making her own living and doing quite well at what she was doing, with both her ambitions for entrepreneurship and her income.

3. She makes a living as an Instagram model

More and more beautiful women are finding their way into the internet and social media as a way to create their own identity and profits. Delanos is one of those gorgeous women who, with her posting of sexy pics, hit the jackpot and got quite an impressive following. She is said to have more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and more than 40,000 on Facebook.

4. She’s not the typical model height

Most models are blessed with something that many of us wanted to have, that physical model that usually includes a higher stature. When it comes to a model stature, what most think of it is height. Dellanos wasn’t born with the’ height gene,’ she stands only 5 feet 2 inches tall, as a matter of fact. But she was blessed with many other model-like traits, so when it comes to being gorgeous, long legs do not seem to be an issue to her. Her other measurements include;bust-36, waist-25, and hips-35.

5. She didn’t exactly have the best childhood

Divorce is not easy for anybody, particularly children. Dellanos is the only child of her parents and in 1998, when Dellanos was just a young girl, just four years old, they separated. Even at this young age, Dellanos did not take the divorce well. It has affected her throughout her life, and especially because of the continuing pattern of failed relationships with her mother. It was never clear if her mother, due to her status and wealth after the divorce, was hit with financial obligations to Dellanos ‘ father, but it is clear she made a comeback and financial recovery if she ever did.

4. Her step-father was arrested

The mother of Dellanos wanted to get another engagement. In 2008, Dellanos ‘ mother married a Cuban-born man named Ulyses Daniel Alonso, who worked as a representative of pharmaceutical companies. This marriage did not last very long, either, and the ending was not good. We divorced just 1 month short of the couple’s one-year anniversary, relying on Alonso’s tail being arrested on battery charges.

5. She’s a Capricorn

That certainly fits her well with the Capricorn zodiac sign. A Capricorn’s dates are from December 22–January 19, and as the sign indicates, those born under this sign are considered to be creative, talented, and intelligent individuals, as Dellanos undoubtedly explains. They also need stability and things to be in order which typically makes them better in organizational skills. It’s said to include some of the negative characteristics; afraid, cynical, depressive and selfish. Let’s hope she doesn’t bear many of these characteristics.

6. She’s not worried about the end of Instagram or social media

In the recent past, Dellanos has been faced with the idea of social media, or specifically, Instagram, coming to an end sometime in the near future and was asked if this concerned her, as this is her primary source of revenue. She said she was not concerned. Her response indicated that she doesn’t think it’s going to end any time soon, and if it ever did, she believes that her follow-up is so strong that her fans will simply move to whatever platform they take over.

7. Dating rumours

Dellanos has kept certain things in her life secret, and one thing she has kept under wraps is whether she has a man in her life. Rumours say she’s seeing a guy by the name of Alec Monopoly, who works as a graffiti artist, but as far as making it official that they’re in a dating relationship, that’s one thing that neither of them has put on pictures yet.

8. She receives top dollar for her adds

If you can get the following and make a big name for yourself, companies are willing to pay big bucks for placing ads on your social media site, and Dellanos is getting a big chunk of money for the ads on her site. It’s not exact, but reports have confirmed she is getting between $2000-$3000 for every sponsored ad put on her social media pages anywhere. Such dollars are steadily adding up and helping to create a substantial financial empire.

9. She admits having plastic surgery

Dellanos is claiming her body isn’t the real deal. Although she was born with many beautiful features, she preferred multiple surgeries to improve her appearance. According to Honey Nine, the procedures she claims to have include, lip fillers, breast augmentation, and a “booty enhancement” operation, although she never made it clear whether that procedure was a Brazilian butt lift or any other procedure.

10. Australian influencer spoke against the plastic surgeries

Since Dellanos revealed all her plastic surgery, Australian influencer, Ariella Nyssa spoke out in an interview, saying that although she’s not totally opposed to plastic surgery herself, she’s concerned about how it impacts all the young women out there who might think they’re looking at these natural bodies and it gives them all the wrong idea about beauty and beauty ideals. We don’t know how plastic surgery makes all these bodies and not all the’ real’ deal.’