Aliens Visited The Moon During The ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Phenomenon, Claims This Video

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The world saw a rare phenomenon earlier this week, The super blue blood moon nearly set the entire earth looking at the sky. It was a phenomenon that happens once in a century and the present generation will not be able to see every other such paradox of their lifetime. It was when the moon’s nearest approach to Earth coincided with a full moon, thus making it appear at least 14 percent bigger and illuminated in the night sky.

Admirers waited for a long time to see the triple lunar event in which a complete lunar eclipse grew to become the moon a dark pink, concurring with each a supermoon and a rare blue moon.

Whilst a few watched the rare opportunity through their naked eyes, others saw the live-streamed motion pictures over the internet.

Aliens, claim, lifetime, streamed, internet, spotted,

However, there was something that most people almost ignored in the nighttime sky. As per some latest reports, a mystery object flying through the night sky during the lunar eclipse has been spotted. The alien hunters spotted an unidentified flying object during the eclipse.

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It is being claimed that some bright lights were spotted nearby the moon. The video of the same has been shared on a YouTube channel named “UFOmania – The truth is out there”. The channel claims that the object flying nearby the moon is a UFO.

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