Amazon User Complains To Civil Aviation Instead Of Consumer Affairs, Gets Unexpected Reply


Customer service is now any company’s face to the outside world. After all, customer service agents engage with customers every day. They are fixing problems, proactively boosting business, and forging positive relationships.

When customer service is prioritised, businesses benefit greatly, especially with more loyal customers, positive reviews, and increased profitability. The importance of emphasising customer service is due to this.

Unfortunately, not many businesses are aware of how important offering top-notch customer service is in today’s world of fierce competition. The biggest source of consumer irritation, especially when it comes from a well-known and established organisation, is poor customer service.

Despite the fact that the majority of large firms have their own customer service departments, complaints regarding the rudeness of customer service workers are common. These customer service departments frequently didn’t even offer us an ideal answer.

Even while I’d like to point out that not all of this is their responsibility, the businesses have more to blame for this poor management. Even while speaking with representatives, many consumers act unpleasant and haughty, despite the fact that they are aware they are not in reality accountable.

However, the corporation must also uphold the rights of its staff members.

Because of this, social media has emerged as an important forum for people to openly discuss their struggles today. Today, posting difficulties online is very common for a number of reasons. It is speedier and almost certainly results in a resolution of your issue because the company’s reputation is always at stake.

But occasionally, things go awry in this too. A similar occurrence occurred recently when a complaint from an Amazon customer drew a lot of attention on social media. And the explanation for this may make you laugh. Without further ado, let’s learn what truly transpired:

An Amazon user wrongly tagged the account of Civil Aviation instead of Consumer Affairs in his tweet

On Wednesday, a user’s criticism of the internet retailer Amazon sparked a Twitter chuckle fest. Ankur Sharma, a consumer, said that the 11-inch tablet’s actual cost was 62% less than what was listed on the website (1,76,900) and that it was actually sold for 67,390. He posted a screenshot of the platform’s sales page for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

In his tweet, the user said,

“@amazonIN iPad Pro 11 inch was never of Rs 1,76,900. @MoCA_GoI pl take action for unfair trade practices”

But he erred by tagging the Ministry of Civil Aviation in the post rather than the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, which was where he went wrong. The Ministry of Civil Aviation unexpectedly responded to the tweet and said it couldn’t help. Tweeted the ministry:

“We intend to help, but we are busy providing affordable air travel to India. #SabUdenSabJuden”

Following the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s comment, Amazon replied to the customer and asked for further details about his complaint. Said Amazon,

“Thank you for flagging this. Kindly help us with the link of the product you’re referring to, so that we can get this reviewed by our concerned team internally.”

The user’s issue with Amazon may or may not have been rectified as a result of the MoCA’s involvement, but it did spark a debate about the allegedly “expensive pricing.” The Ministry’s post also set off a laughing fit on the social networking platform because so many users recognised the humour in it.

Many people, however, also find it unpleasant when the ministry minimises a person’s problem. Many others also criticised the ministry’s answer in the comment area as a result.

What are your thoughts on the ministry’s response?