An Artist Creates Dolls That Look So Real, We’re Seriously Waiting for Them to Say, “Hello!”


If you think playing with dolls is just for girls, this Ukrainian artist is about to prove you wrong. Anastasia has the ability to sculpt human faces, almost to perfection, with a solid fan base on her Instagram account, and blends them with vividly detailed clothes, hairstyles, and small adornments.

1. Tell us that in a modelling magazine they don’t look like real models …

2. “So soft, dreamy, and romantic!”

3. “Selfie time!”

4. “I wasn’t even conscious that it was a doll.”

5. The artist has a list of main characters and their hair and clothes are personalised. It’s Lilith here.

6. The numerous picture scenarios allow her to create a realistic feeling as well. Look at these pieces of small, informative furniture!

7. Until we saw this, we did not think angels were real.

8. To this doll belongs the ultimate bridal gown.

9. My jaw just literally fell! Looking at that face really takes away my breath!