Ex-IPS Officer Replies To Claims Made By Anand Mahindra On Abe Shinzo Ass*ssination


The world has been horrified by the horrific and puzzling ass*ssination of former Japanese prime minister Abe Shinzo during a political rally in Nara, Japan.


It is astounding considering the stringent gun control in Japan and the fact that there hasn’t been much political violence there in at least 50 years. After stepping down as prime minister in 2020, Abe held no official government role, making it even more puzzling because we can’t assume it was done out of political rivalry.

The House of Councillor elections in Japan on July 10 is unlikely to be impacted by Abe’s passing because the incumbent Liberal Democratic Party was previously expected to win handily.

The shocking and perplexing de*th of the former LDP leader and prime minister may raise sympathy votes by increasing attendance, but it has mostly stunned and confused a population that is completely unaccustomed to such savagery and a nation that has tight gun control laws.

The ass*ssination of Abe Shinzo has shocked the globe, and now everyone is concocting their own stories as to how he died.

Anand Mahindra follows suit and offers his own explanation for how he passed away. He said that a security breach occurred during Abe’s ass*ssination and noted that Abe’s de*th might have been prevented.


Anand Mahindra, a businessman, uploaded a video of Shinzo Abe’s murder and bemoaned the carelessness of Abe’s security team, which he claimed may have prevented the Japanese leader’s death. Mahindra claimed that between the first and second shootings, Abe’s security team had a “perhaps life-saving interval” that they could have used to save the leader.

Tweeting about the same with the video, he wrote on Twitter,

“The first shot missed. There was a potentially life-saving gap until the second shot. Shouldn’t his security have jumped on Abe & flattened & covered him instead of chasing the assailant? He could have & should have survived this.”

His tweet generated a lot of conversation, and many people are responding with their own theories. While many were condemning Japan’s flawed system, others said that this occurrence could happen anywhere and compared it to the murders of Rajeev and Indira Gandhi, two former prime leaders of India.

Dr Muktesh Chander, a former member of the IPS, too expressed his opinions in the comment area.

Dr Muktesh Chander concurred with Anand Mahindra’s assertions and noted that similar events have previously occurred in India.

The Japanese police confirmed that the previous prime minister’s security had problems, thus Mahindra’s statement carries some weight. Tomoaki Onizuka, head of the Nara police, said:

“It is undeniable that there were problems in the security.”

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Group, is known for being a social butterfly and is constantly active on numerous social media sites, particularly Twitter. His candid opinions on every subject, from social to contentious problems, have always grabbed headlines and sparked debate in his tweets.