Anand Mahindra Responds To The Boy Who Didn’t Sleep Whole Night Waiting For Scorpio-N Delivery


As everyone is aware, Anand Mahindra is highly active on social media, particularly Twitter, and he consistently replies to comments left by satisfied clients and posts their photos. Mahindra has debuted the all-new Mahindra Scorpio N. (SUV Scorpio-N).


The news delighted those who had been looking forward to the launch, and it was well welcomed. As soon as the booking period commenced, more than 1 lakh units were reserved. On Tuesday, September 27, they began delivering the car.

The business is initially delivering the premium Z8L edition of the Mahindra SUV to customers who have reserved it. In the following 10 days, they intend to supply more than 7,000 devices. Following delivery, happy and enthusiastic customers post images of their brand-new cars on social media.

When the Mahindra Scorpio N was initially delivered to a client, Anand Mahindra urged them to post images of the experience on Twitter. He noted:

First customers: please do share your pics… I would love to see them..

Anand Mahindra posted a few of the images of his satisfied customers holding the new Mahindra Scorpio N.

A picture of a toddler with the just delivered Mahindra Scorpio was posted on Twitter by Vikrant Mehta, a happy owner of the car. Vikrant penned:

“It’s an amazing feeling to get delivery on the first day. Looks like I’ve got a ticket for the blockbuster’s First Day First show. My son is so happy he didn’t sleep in excitement last night. Thank you for the powerful and muscular product”

It appears from this retweet that Anand Mahindra became a fan of the boy who posed with the car among the photos he posted on his Twitter account.

Anand tweeted it again with the following caption:

Love his pose!

Some more happy customers

The cost of the recently released Scorpio-N and the wait time

The Scorpio-N offers a four-wheel drive (4WD) option in addition to a manual and automatic transmission. Scorpio N costs between Rs. 11.99 lakh and Rs. 23.90 lakh (ex-showroom). Only the first 25,000 reservations will receive this pricing.


There are six different models of this SUV: Z2, Z4, Z6, Z8, Z8, and Z8L. The base variety Z2, which has a waiting period of approximately 22 months, is the longest. The highest model Z8L has an 18-month waiting period, which is the shortest.