Anand Mahindra’s Gives Perfect Reaction To Bride Arriving In A Mahindra Tractor For Her Wedding


What does the public’s perception of the perfect Indian bride look like? She begins by highlighting her value with her jewellery, her fixed gaze on the ground, and her behaviour. The woman who sheds tears during bidaai is the Adarsh bahu.

But aren’t weddings supposed to be fun, after all? Isn’t a bride supposed to be joyful and carefree on her wedding day, creating priceless memories? She shouldn’t be restricted in how she dresses or enters the venue, especially in India where a marriage day is thought to be the most significant event in a person’s life. It is, after all, her day.

Mahindra Swaraj’s tractor pulled the bride into the reception area.

What a great way to make a statement! A woman bypassed the limousine and made a grand entrance with a tractor for her own wedding in Betul, Madhya Pradesh.

The bride, Bharti Tagde, bucked convention by arriving at the wedding gazebo in a tractor and with a pair of dark glasses. She is accompanied by her two brothers. The bride’s entrance, of course, stunned everyone.

In a unique instance, a woman showed up for her own wedding in a tractor in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. You did read it correctly; that is true. The grooms are typically the ones that arrive on a horse or in a car while discussing Indian weddings.

Bharti Targe, the bride, exceeded all expectations when she arrived at her wedding location in style. A video of the entire incident has gone viral on social media.

Perhaps even Anand Mahindra responded to the popular video when Bharti arrived in a Mahindra Swaraj.

Bharti, an engineer by profession, arrived at her own wedding in a tractor while heavily laden. She sported a crimson embroidered attire and black sunglasses while driving to the ceremony. Vasu Kavadkar and she were married on May 25.

Bharti, who is also proficient in tractor operation, claims that access to tractors is prevalent in rural areas. She decided to arrive at her wedding in a car and make a big entrance as a result. The attendees thought it was an interesting place and they really enjoyed it.


Without a doubt, Anand Mahindra, the CEO and a well-known member of the Mahindra Companies board of management has been rather active on his social media. Being a very active Twitter user once again helped the charmed man get what he wanted. He is well known for responding to stories that are biased against him, and he did so here as well.

The businessman responded to the bride’s grand entrance in the caption.

“Bride named Bharti driving a Swaraj (A @MahindraRise brand). Makes sense”

It goes without saying that the bride has now garnered a lot of attention by showcasing her very own methods for having a blast during her own wedding.