Anjali Arora Trolled For Her Deep-cleaved Netizens Ask “When Will The New MMS Video Be Uploaded”


One of the most popular personalities on social media is the internet phenomenon, Anjali Arora. The diva, who became well-known thanks to Kangana Ranaut’s hosting of the show Lock Up, was recently in the news for her purported MMS. A portion of her admirers alleged that the actress had been trolled by her other fans for the viral and contentious video when the news of her MMS first surfaced on social media.


Every time she posts one of her seductive photos online, terror is sparked. She is currently grabbing attention for her next song, whose previews she shares every day.

Anjali Arora po_rn video


Anjali Arora recently posted some of her films on Instagram, and for all the right seductive reasons, everyone was mesmerised by them. Anjali is seen in the video sporting a crimson dress that accentuates her gorgeous endowments and deep cleavage. One of the films features Ms Arora displaying her skills in a mirror selfie.

In a comment on his video, one user commented, “By doing 5-6 music videos, I considered myself as my own… I have a complete professor as well. I have sent you a full profile by sending a message, check your MMS message.” On your birthday, if you drove a Mercedes or a BMW, your career was over.


A third user asked, “When will the MMS video be uploaded new”,

while a fourth added, “Another video is about to be leaked”.

A netizen also commented on her outfit and said, “Plus Anjali, your dress is not fitting you.

Wear clothes that suit your size, maybe you are a bit fat now. It doesn’t look hot and elegant. Rather it seems vulgar and uncomfortable to watch!! Hope you read this!”

Is Anjali Arora’s viral MMS video fake or original?

It’s Real, lots of people are trying to save her, and her team on social media

But these video is real. The Guy in the video is a policeman she has an affair with, and once they were going to marry with all permission from parents

They recorded these videos for fun, as she was very excited to be that macho young guy, and the policeman got crazy that she was having s*x with a social media star, and into that uncontrolled happiness he was the person who shared these p*rn sites, he thought video may not be understood by people, but then you know P*rn sites are very active for what their customer wants to watch


Watch The Video Below:

It went viral, video and VFX experts also said it’s a real video there is no face changing, and it’s a blurry video which does not make any sense to change

Check Out Some Of the Comments On Her Video

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