Anjali Arora’s Amazing Dance To Haryanvi Song, Viral On Internet


In her most recent dance video, “Kachcha Badam” girl Anjali Arora has once again swept the internet. Since the success of her song Kachcha Badam, she has been in the spotlight. Her most recent dance performance to the well-known Haryanvi song “Toot Gayi Khat Ek Jhatke Mein” is currently going viral on social media. Anjali Arora is seen in the trending video doing an incredible dancing performance, enthralling her followers. Her followers are praising and adulate her for her elegant and dynamic dancing.

This time, the Kacha Badam girl can be seen sporting a skirt and a black crop top. Her stunning appearance and great emotion enthralled the audience. The video has received over 3.1 million views so far. Many social media users have praised and expressed thanks in the comments area.

One person said on social media, “Your expressions are killing.” A different user said, “Looking fantastic.” Queen of Hearts was written by the third user. “Great dance movements,” another user said.

Check out the video here

Anjali Arora frequently mesmerises the audience with her stunning appearance and amazing dancing abilities. She once published a dance video to the popular song “People” by Libianca, which caused quite a stir online. She recently shared a dancing video featuring the popular Kudi Chameeli character from the movie Selfie. The song Kudi Chamkeeli has been trending on numerous platforms ever since it was released.

Here is the video

More than 12 million people follow Anjali Arora on social media. She is well-known for being a social media influencer. Anjali Arora has also made an appearance on Kangana Ranaut’s television programme Lock Up.

Anjali is renowned for her work on Oh Humnasheen, Kaka Feat. Ashiq Purana, Paune 12, Karan Randhawa, and Shipra Goyal, according to Adaab Kharoud. Also, in 2022 she rose to become India’s sixth most Googled individual.