Ankita Dave Web Series Watch Online (March 2024)


Ankita Dave Web Series 2024: Ankita Dave comes from a Mumbai-based Hindu household. Another name for Ankita Dave was Ankita Dave Sherni. She is well renowned for her daring sense of style. Ankita Dave is an actress, model, and social media influencer from India.

ankta dave web series 2024, watch, list, cast, IMDB rating
Ankita Dave Web Series March 2024

She was born in Rajkot, Gujarat, on September 15, 1997 (she will be 24 years old in 2021). Her confident demeanour makes her popular. She is a well-known model who has primarily served Gujarati and Haryanvi households. She is renowned in particular for her outstanding performance in the Hindi web series “ZID (2020)”.

Ankita Dave Web Series (March 2024)

She is both a model and an actress. Ankita currently resides in Mumbai, even though she was born in Rajkot, Gujarat. She amassed over 2.2 million Instagram followers.

1. Gaachi – Ullu Web Series

ankta dave, web series, 2022, watch, list, cast, IMDB rating
Ankita Dave Adult Web Series

This is the account of a small community where harassment of women is common. Instead of spending the night with their spouses, the males in this community spend it at the Kotha. In this village of numerous women, there occurs molestation. If you want to find out if these women can respond to this question, watch the Gaachi Ullu web series exclusively on the Ullu app.

Ankita Dave Hot Web series

Ankita Dave Ullu Web Series

2. Teri Khata

web series 18+

One of Ankita Dave’s most underappreciated masterpieces is likely Teri Khata. One explanation for why it remained unreported is the date of the web series premiere. We suggest you watch the Teri Khata online series.

3. Zid – Hotshots Originals

ankita dave web series

Web Series Zid Story (Hotshots) Two women’s lives are central to the storyline. An affluent woman is in search of genuine love after becoming a widow. Her makeup artist imagines living a wealthy life in the future. They make a bold decision that alters everyone’s lives forever.

4. Singardaan – Ullu Web Series

ankta dave, web series, 2022, watch, list, cast, IMDB rating
ankita dave web series list

Gupta Ji, a streetwalker who falls in love with Shabnam, is the main character in Singardaan. Guptaji takes Shabnam’s makeup box to his house after she passes away. His wife and daughter become streetwalkers after opening the box. Now that his wife and daughter are in danger, Gupta Ji embarks on a mystery quest.

Ullu Web Series list

5. Mere Angane Main – Kooku App

Kooku App Web Series

Kooku App formerly constantly produced material that millions of people adored. One such piece of material that undoubtedly raised the number of Kooku app subscribers is Mere Angane Main.

6. Siddhu – Ankita Dave Latest Web Series

ankita dave web series list watch online 2023

Siddhu comes from a hamlet and oversees a resort in ECR-Chennai. He constantly provides excellent service while keeping his clients satisfied at an affordable cost. When two couples (Mervin-Ankita and Dhara-Aadhi) set out on their weekend fun excursion to ECR, they were unable to reach the resort’s reservation manager by phone, thus they became trapped in traffic.

To stay, they travelled to Siddhu’s resort. They adored romance, fun, and fun. They began making fun of Siddhu’s appearance and demeanour, which made Siddhu upset and enraged. Siddhu wants to demonstrate who he is to them. who he is?”

The remainder of the narrative centres on Siddhi’s transition into “SIDDHARTH,” a psychological thriller.

7. Nagar Vadhu – HotHit Originals

HotHit Originals web series

The series is set in the village where Ankita Dave first had the opportunity to portray the ideal Bhabhi, as suggested by its name. She was the star thanks to her attractiveness and curvy body.

8. Chicken Curry – Kooku App

ankta dave, web series, 2022, watch, list, cast, IMDB rating
Kooku App web series name list

The series centres on a married couple whose wife is blind and whose husband consistently treats her poorly because of her disability. She makes a concerted effort to win her husband’s love and attention, but instead, he begins an illicit affair in his workplace.

One day he says to his wife, “Meet her, and she’ll come to meet you as you become lonely at home.” He then introduces the girl to his wife. Then, he regularly cheats on his wife and brings the woman to their home, but the wife senses the presence of a different person there and realises that her husband is having an affair before she even realises it.

9. Matakni Ke Matke – Rabbit Web Series

Ankita Dave web series watch online

ankta dave, web series, 2022, watch, list, cast, IMDB rating
matakni ke matke new season

This web series is about a girl named Matkani who is 20 years old. Matkani, who plays the main role, states that some people like to travel, while others choose to settle down. So although someone else appreciates having lovers, this girl is far from them all since she is a girl and enjoys relationships with others.

Rabbit Web Series

In fact, the plot of the novel will go as follows: this girl develops relationships with new boys. If you enjoy them, the rest of the tale will be revealed in a similar manner, and you will learn about it through this website and application.

10. PathShala 2 Web Series

PathShala 2 Web Series

Ankita Dev played her role in the Pathshala 2 web series exceptionally well. It features her in a romantic Indian drama, and viewers enjoy it greatly because of the story’s compelling nature and the romance that is depicted in it.

Rabbit Web Series

As a result, the audience is eager to watch it, and Ankita Dev has accomplished much this season. Has played a good character which cannot be imagined right now because she has won everyone’s rights because of her beauty and has fulfilled her mission.

11. Chawl House 3

Ankita Dave web series May 2023

The introduction of Rohit, a new boy to their chawl, is upsetting Tina and Mina’s lovely functional friendship. When Rohit is forced to choose between the two sisters after falling for both of them, the conflict between them intensifies.

The primary actors in the adult web series Chawl House 3 are Sneha Paul as Teena, Ankita Dave as Meena, Nikhil Parmar as Rahul, Meenu Sharma as Teena’s mother, and Ravi Parmar as Shankar. Please watch this series alone as it is rather a brave series.

12. Rajneeti – Rabbit App

Ankita Dave’s Latest Web Series

Politicians fall to any lengths for their own selfish interests, and when someone opposes them in order to raise society’s awareness, filthy politics start. Watch the drama, which is filled with excitement, romance, and dirty politics.

Ankita Dave, Bipin Singh, Aaditya Mohan, Bhanu Suryam Thakur, Pankaj Anand, Reena Tomar, Nitu Arya, Rohit, Ajay Nayak, and others appear in the pornographic online series Rajneeti from the OTT service Rabbit App.

Maal Paani Nagar Vadhu

The husband, wife, and friends are major figures in the Maal Paani Nagar Vadhu narrative. the place where a husband’s pals entice his wife to enjoy a great moment in life.

Ankita Dave Web Series 2023

This web series is hosted by actress Ankita Dave and features other actors. Ankita is a stunning actress and model who has been in numerous web series. She has a sizable social media fan base. Chawl House 3 Charmsukh, Kangan, Jarurat, Pathshala Part 2, Matakni ki Matke, Gaachi, Chicken Curry, Mere Angane Main, ZID, Nagar Vadhu, and many others are some of Ankta Dave’s well-known web series.