9 Annoying Things That Make All Left-Handed People Say, “Life Is a Pain”


Just about 10 percent of the population of the planet is left-handed. And this planet has been built for right-handed persons, as many leftists would accept. While being a southpaw nowadays is not that awkward, there are still plenty of small and big disadvantages that can make your day a little harder.

1. That one thing every leftie can relate to

2. Well, thanks, that helps a lot.

3. Oh, sure. I definitely will.

4. “Time to take the cake out of the oven. Oh, wait…”

© SingleRelative / Reddit

5. Story of my life

6. Is this discrimination or what?

7. As if nightmares are not enough…

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8. I wish being left-handed was a legit reason to miss class.

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9. All I wish for #LeftHandersDay is a pair of scissors that I don’t have to hold like this: