Apple Are Reportedly Working On Curved And ‘Touchless’ Phones

Sources close to the company have said the new features could be as little as two to three years away from hitting the shelves.

The latest innovations would provide a new feature that could make the company stand out further in a crowded market.

The tech giant seems to be especially busy at the minute. A number of upcoming releases, including an ‘affordable iPhone xcheaper MacBook Air, and cheaper iPad suggest that they are dedicated to breaking into the lower-budget market.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the sources hinted that new technology would allow users to control their device without actually touching the screen.

Much like Apple’s 3D touch feature, the control could vary depending on the distance the person holds their finger from the screen as they gesture over the phone.

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As for the curved technology, they are reportedly producing a display that would curve inwards gradually from top to bottom. A feature that is different from the latest Samsung phones which curve down at the edges.

The developments are still in very early stages and Apple refused to comment on them. Meaning they could just as easily be scrapped and forgotten about.