Arun Nura’s ‘Sad Superheroes In Kerala’ Is Going Viral As An Ironic Take On Society


Arun Nura is an animator and film programmer who focuses on using his images and designs to metaphorically reflect various aspects of life, such as tribal culture.

Sad Superheroes In Kerala: Some of his photos have recently become very popular online.

© Arun Nura Instagram – Sad Superheroes In Kerala

The images show how social standards defeat our inner superheroes in a sequence of scenes that are staged in Kerala.

He has chosen superheroes that each has a distinct personality and offer solutions to the issues facing Indian society. He forced the superheroes to adopt positions that made them appear defeated by the issues they were meant to solve.

© Arun Nura Instagram – Sad Superheroes In Kerala

Batman is concerned that bats are attacking his crops. Wonder Woman is having trouble washing her clothes. Iron Man is having a boring day. Spiderman was caught stealing coconuts and was made to work on a construction site. Superman is heartbroken over not finding his beloved Black Widow in the last bus. Superman is about to cry in a tea shop. Black Widow is exhausted from a long night’s work and is sleeping in a paddy field.

sad superheroes of Kerala – Arun Nura

As the images went viral, MP Shashi Tharoor commented on the picture and said, 

“What are these amazing people doing dressed like this anyway? Is there a context? An explanation?”.

sad superheroes

People are praising the photographer for his astounding creativity and spectacular aesthetic execution.