‘Ananya Ka Kya Hoga?’ Fans Speculate Aryan Khan & Nora Fatehi To Be Dating After Pics Go Viral


One benefit of celebrity is that it follows you everywhere you go since people talk about you all the time.

The drawback of fame, though, is that people will often go to great efforts to learn about your personal life, as they recently did with Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan.

It makes sense for a fan to be interested in learning more about a celebrity’s personal life. However, there are occasions when one might push things too far, particularly when the desire to conjecture and make connections takes precedence over anything, including the facts.

We make this statement in response to rumours that Bollywood singer and actress Nora Fatehi was dating SRK’s son Aryan Khan.

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Just a short while ago, two images of fans posing with Nora and Aryan Khan in the exact same location became popular on the internet.

Now, these are also the kinds of images that a number of admirers have taken of a couple who is frequently on a covert trip and is stopped by onlookers for a quick snapshot.

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On a Reddit discussion, there was disagreement about the notion that the two might be dating.

People dropped comments like, “I want this to happen just to see Ananya get mad LOL. If it’s true then I don’t see the big deal. It’s only a 5-year age gap and Aryan is in his mid-20s.”

Another one wrote, “Also, Nora follows Aryan and Aryan follows her back. She doesn’t follow suhana though. Aryan was rumoured to be dating Riaa Mehta and she follows him and the dyavol workshop page too. He follows riaa too.”

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However, numerous individuals dispelled the rumours by making statements like, “Bro, getting pictures taken together doesn’t indicate they are a thing. Adult up! And why are you so exclusive if you adore coming up with these theories? In an effort to be inclusive, post whenever you see two girls together. Additionally, Nora and Suhana were dining.

The rumour has not yet been confirmed or refuted as to its veracity. However, for the time being, Aryan is being praised for having “excellent taste” in women.