Australian Cricketer Lands In Trouble After He Got Caught For Ball Tampering Using Mystery Object

Cricketer ,Match , Trouble , Tampering , Mystery , cameras

The ongoing Test Match between Australia and South Africa has landed into a huge controversy after Australian cricketer Cameron Bancroft was seen doing something with the ball.

Cricketer ,Match , Trouble , Tampering , Mystery , cameras It was a huge shock to witness as Bancroft was seen rubbing his hands over the ball. And after that, he was seen holding a foreign yellow coloured object that he used to scratch the ball.

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Bancroft must be unaware of it but cameras recorded everything and made everyone including the umpires highly suspicious. He was then witnessed having a chat with the umpires who interrogated him for some time. They also asked him to show the pockets and reveal what he has been trying to hide.

Captain of the Australian Team, Steve Smith also joined as he tried to know what happened.

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Watch the video-

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During the tea break, Graeme Smith and Shane Warne discussed the matter in detail and suggested that Bancroft tampered the ball.

As per Fox Sports, Graeme Smith said-

“It’s quite obvious that he’s doing something with the ball and I’d like to see the umpires do something about it.”

Cricketer ,Match , Trouble , Tampering , Mystery , cameras

Shane Warne said-

“I don’t care who you are you can’t tamper with the ball. You just can’t do the things that it looks like that we all think that it’s (he’s) doing.”

Both of them also blamed Darren Lehmann and Steve Smith for the action-

“You’ve got to ask some tough questions of Steve Smith and Darren Lehmann,” Smith said. “They’ve obviously driven this process, they’re the leadership. He’s a guy who’s played seven or eight Test matches. You can’t see him deciding that this is what he’s going to do on a given day. The decision was obviously taken behind the scenes. If it is sandpaper it’s just really silly and not on.”

Shane Warne said-

“If you bring in a foreign object and it tampers with the ball in some way then that has to be seriously looked at. You’ve got to look at the process and say okay, let’s get to the bottom of what it was? How did it happen?”

“It’s not fair to nail Cameron Bancroft either. I don’t think he would have made that decision by himself. We’ve got to get to the bottom of it. When you get caught you’ve got to own up and be honest and the Aussies have to be honest and say this is how it happened.”

What are your thoughts on it?

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