Watch: Australian PM Reacted When People Started Chanting “Modi Modi” At Metro Station!


Even though Modi hasn’t succeeded in satisfying all the expectations of people, he enjoys a lot of popularity in India. He’s the “Favorite” of all Indians; they still have hopes that he will turn India into an economically advanced and modern country.

Wherever the PM goes, the “Modi Modi” chants start; haven’t you seen it many times during his rallies? Some people are so crazy that even in the rallies of opposition parties, they chant Narendra Modi’s name. This slogan is indeed very important for India as well as Indians.

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When Australian Malcolm Turnbull was here in India, he got a chance to experience the popularity of Modi. On seeing the PM’s crazy followers, he was amazed.

On Monday, the duo chose a metro train to travel to Akshardham temple (Delhi). They took the train from Mandi House station; as soon as people came to know that the PM was here, they chanted “Modi, Modi” and there was no end to it.

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Turnbull was left completely amazed on seeing this; watch the video and have a look at his reaction…


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source: RVC