Baby Born With Two Inches Of Jet Black Hair Compared To Mowgli


Armed with a head full of thick black hair, Oscar Jones looks like The Jungle Book’s Mowgli.

Before he entered the world, Oscar’s locks were spotted on the scan, with doctors estimating that within the womb it was already 1 cm long.

Nevertheless, his parents were shocked to see 5 cm of thick jet-black hair when the baby boy was born.

Parents Sara Morris, 36, and Joshua Jones, 29, had to take him for his first haircut after Oscar was only eight weeks old as his mop continued to grow. When the couple walks with Oscar, they are often stopped in the street by admirers to comment on their locks.

Now, 20 weeks have passed since she had her c-section, and because of her quirky hairstyle, Sara claims they called him’ Mowgli’ after the hero of The Jungle Book.

Sara, who runs a local village baby shop, said:

We couldn’t really believe how much hair he had when he was born! It’s not very often something you see! His hair was very long, and it’s very dark. Joshua and I have brown hair, though for that he is closer to his father than he is to me.

I think Oscar knows he’s got so much hair. He’ll put his arms over his head when we lie down and play with it. But when he accidentally pulls it, he will start crying because his fingers get tangled up!

Funnily enough, in December of last year, the two parents watched The Jungle Book–it’s a nice coincidence that their baby rocks the same hair as the character.

After dealing with diabetes during childbirth, as well as a whole week in May when Sara experienced severe heartburn, the couple went to the doctors for a check-up, where they first heard about the eccentric mop of their son.

Sara explained:

We went to check regularly and found that Oscar already had 1 cm of hair. So when he was born, we wanted him to have some head hair. Yet we didn’t expect as much as we did!

I looked at him one time and said:’ He looks like Mowgli! And everybody looked and said,’ Yeah, you’re right! He’s just Mowgli! Since then, Joshua’s parents took him to name him little Mowgli. It started out because of his hair, but he’s very cheeky too, so I think he’s going to stick!

Oscar has a whopping 12 cm hair on his hair at the moment. Some friends of Sara even suggested that the young boy should model because he looks’ more like a little man than a baby.’