Artist Transforms Barbie Dolls Into Celebrities And Pop Culture Characters

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I truly wanted a Barbie when I was little. Because my parents weren’t so well off, it took them a while to buy me the doll and I had to tell you it definitely valued the wait. I treasured my Barbie first, like nothing else.

So when I stumbled upon this cool Instagram account featuring Barbies as famous celebrities and icons of pop culture it brought me back into my childhood.

Instagram user @aaronmalibu seems to love Barbies just as much as girls everywhere.

He came up with a really creative way to showcase them. Just look at his fun pictures.

He poses the dolls as Disney, Marvel and DC characters and posts his Barbie recreations to his popular Instagram account.

He also does famous celebrities like JLo, Rihanna, and others.

I think it’s his way of paying homage both to the Barbie culture and to the pop culture all in one.

I gotta say, it’s really fun to see.

I dunno how he really does it, but I suspect it’s a combination of the dolls themselves and some magic from Photoshop.

Either way, it looks fantastic. Doesn’t it?

Check out his cool Harley Quinn version, which impersonates Marilyn Monroe from the new movie “Birds of Prey.”

This cues me of my cherished Marilyn Monroe Barbie collectable.

If you’ve ever watched “Charmed,” you’ll get that reference altogether.

I was so obsessed with the Halliwell sisters and this show. Ha, ha, ha. So, it also gives some memories.

All the X-Men fans, myself included, will love this gorgeous recreation of the beloved character, Storm.

She’s just as ferocious and regal as Aaron makes her look here.

And this Wonder Woman scene actually kicks butt around serious.

This version of the Tonner doll definitely brings out the best in the character of Gal Gadot, and then some.

God, I so love this romantic scene from Megara and Hercules.

It is so well portrayed here it looks like a video snapshot. For sure, this is perfectly stylised.