Beautiful Woman Marries Poor, Older Man With Severely Deformed Face

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People don’t often realize that the thing that matters the most while looking for a life partner is how that person is from inside. Inner beauty indeed is everything. Be it a man or a woman, one should always think beyond looks and money. Happiness, compatibility, respect, understanding and everything as such matters the most in a relationship. This is exactly a woman did. Meet Phatsara Obnak, a woman from Thailand who saw beyond and money and married Boonmee Khanthong, a man with a deformed face. Yes, this story is about the beauty who marries an older man despite the deformed face and his poorness.

Meet the woman who married a man with a facial deformity and proved beauty doesn’t matter!

Boonmee Khanthong’s deformed face is due to broken capillaries since childhood. As you can see in the pictures, Boonmee’s gums aren’t normal. The Khantong family did try their best to get their son treated but owing to their poorness, they failed to do so.

The ever-growing medical bills made the Khanthong family give up the whole treatment process. And they started living with a notion that Boonmee will never find a woman and get married. The woman who marries Boonmee or will marry Boonmee seemed like a myth.

Fate was in Boonmee’s favour. The older man met a gorgeous woman, Phatsara Obnak while selling papaya salad with his sister from door to door in the Hat Chai City.

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Boonmee, as expected immediately fell in love with this 23-year-old woman but never expected the same in return owing to his facial deformity. But against all odds, she fell for the older man as well and proved that outer beauty doesn’t matter.

Their love eventually bloomed and the two married each other on 15th April at a village in the Surin province, Thailand. It must be noted that Phatsara has a child from her previous marriage, and Boonmee treats the child as his own. The beauty marries the beast indeed turned out to be true as inner beauty matters, everything else is a lie.

This story indeed is inspiring on every level. No matter what you do or how you look or how much money you have, what matters is how you are from inside.

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