‘Behave Like Animals,’ Unique Signboard Urging People Not To Litter Is Winning The Internet

Behave, Animal, people, winning, internet, signboard, urging, sarcastic,

We have done worse to our planet and we can’t simply ignore it anymore. As the severe effects of it have been seen nowadays like many animals are disappearing, we have done worse to marine life as well. Trees are disappearing day by day.  Even with this much-repeated warning by nature, we have been completely ignorant towards it.

A few days back a picture of an elephant finding food on a land filled with plastic went viral online. That pic went viral in a short time which leaves many heartbroken.

But this time Anand Mahindra shared a picture highlighting the same issue. He uploaded a picture that shows a unique signboard in a forest which shows, ‘In the forests and mountains, animals do not leave trash, humans do. Please behave like animals’.

He also posted a sarcastic caption with the picture that reads, ‘When angry with my behavior, my mother used to say “Stop behaving like an animal.” ( Jaanwar ki Tarah!)  I wish I could tell her today that I was behaving virtuously!’.

Here is that tweet:

Behave, Animal, people, winning, internet, signboard, urging, sarcastic,

According to some Twitter user, the signboard is at  Edakkal Caves, Wayanad.


Here is the Funny comment which netizens post afterward







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