Believe It Or Not, P*rnhub Now Sells Hand Sanitizers During Coronavirus Pandemic


While many businesses are hoping that people will soon go out to the streets and continue shopping as before the Coronavirus pandemic, P*rnhub, the top-world p*rnography website, has advised its customers to continue to maintain social distance. And there is, of course, some explanation for his decision.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, this site’s traffic volume has soared because people obviously have much more free time to watch videos, rather than working the whole day.

According to a recent report, in the middle of March, P*rnhub ‘s traffic in the United States grew to 6.4 per cent and it has now continued to increase. The nation is recognized as the p*rnography site’s largest audience. It’s no wonder that P*rnhub has allowed its users to watch free premium content as a way to attract more visits.

This platform received 12 crore, daily visitors, around the world before March, but in a short time due to the lockout, the number rose to 13.4 crore.

P*rnhub always knows how to make more money as a business and that’s why it released a completely new product called “P*rnhub Hand Sanitizer.”

What makes the differences between the product of this site and those of other brands? P*rnhub hand sanitizer is built with a pointy cap in the shape of a black-bottle. Users can immediately realize its origin when viewing it for the first time via the particular name and colours of the brand. The business also advertises it as follows on its website: “Put your hand to good use and keep it clean with P*rnhub’s Hand Sanitizer”

There are plenty of other made-by-P*rnhub items for those unknown, including pullovers, yoga shorts, cotton tees, socks, beach towels and more. In addition, the profits from items in the category “Keep Home” are currently being transferred to the Solidarity Response Fund of the WHO.