6 Of The Most Awful Things Bigg Boss Contestants Have Said In Season 16


The appropriate amount of drama and spice is keeping us entertained in Big Boss season 16. Honestly, the show has some of the most compelling dramatic turns that keep us hooked to the screen, waiting to see what comes next. Although the show’s core is its savoury fights, there are instances when it becomes too much to handle.

We compiled a list of the most awful things BB contestants have said in season 16.

1. When MC Stan passed a derogatory comment against Priyanka.

Bigg Boss has frequently warned MC Stan about using vulgar language. Stan has said many offensive things on the show, ranging from referring to Archana in ways that are similar to Shemdi to age-shaming her.

Your parrot? You are a girl, you smoke… disgusting. What are you teaching others and showing in the Bigg Boss house? And what ‘go, go’ are you saying? Where should I come with you? Take Ankit… you need two boyfriends or what? Don’t ask me to go anywhere with you… I don’t want to. I have a girlfriend outside of this house

2. When Shalin made a problematic remark about Archana.

Shalin and Archana got into a heated argument in the BB house. Shalin lost his composure and exclaimed, “kaisi do takke ki aurat ho,” when Archana made derogatory statements about his family.

3. When Nimrit called Priyanka a b*tch.

The most contentious issue in the Bigg Boss house and the cause of numerous conflicts is food. Priyanka and Nimrit were talking about how the housemates were receiving unequal portions of the meals. Nimrit began to yell and insult Priyanka as the situation quickly devolved into a heated dispute.

4. When Priyanka and Archana fought for food.

We all know that one of the most contentious issues in the home is food. To demonstrate how fussy she is about food and the kitchen, Archana once cooked cheeni ki roti for herself. She turned down Priyanka’s request for a piece of that roti. Priyanka begins to doubt their friendship after this event and labels her as miserable.

Tu akeli hi rahegi zindagi bhar, yeh meri dua hai. Jiske bhi ghar mein jaayegi, wahan kalesh karegi.

5. When Shalin opened up about Tina after her elimination.

The friendship Tina and Shalin had in the BB house was evident to everyone. However, it appears that Shalin swiftly flipped the script when he uttered this horrible comment about Tina. Do you cherish others because they make delicious meals?

I never liked Tina, it was only because of the chicken that I liked her. I was only worried about my food and she used to do it so that is the only thing I am missing right now because who will make chicken for me now? I won’t even talk to that girl after I leave the house because there I would have my restaurant for it.

6. When Sreejita talked about Tina’s personal life.

On the show, there’s a very fine line between what participants reveal that is public and private. In one of the episodes, Sreejita discussed Tina’s private life and referred to her as a sadist among other things. View the video here: