“What’s Wrong With His Face, Feel Bad For Him”: Salman Khan fans left worried after actor looks UNHEALTHY


Salman Khan, or any other famous person, frequently performs dance moves at intimate gatherings. Salman’s supporters are concerned after seeing a recent video of him dancing at an industrialist’s event. On social media, a video of the Dabangg actor shaking his leg has gone viral. But the actor’s weight gain and exhaustion have caught everyone’s notice.

Salman’s performance

Khan was moving to his well-known song Humka Peeni Hai from the 2010 film Dabangg. Many people on Twitter immediately commented on how exhausted he appeared. He appeared to be out of breath to many. His supporters began to worry about his health.

Netizens are alarmed

Someone commented, “Something is clearly wrong. “Recent footage of Salman Khan dancing at a wedding reception last night in New Delhi. He is so worn out and unwell. He ought to look after his health, one user suggested. “What did he receive in compensation for the dance and appearance? Another user said, “I believe he needs money for his family members’ impending launches. Should retire. Looks 100 years old,” one person commented on social media.

“Health problems exist in the USA. The gym band is on, man. A user commented, “Umeed hai sab thik ho jayega. “Looking his actual age or merely worn out and unwell? It’s difficult to say. Anyway, I hope he’s doing okay,” said a different person. Salman Khan’s fitness and exercise have been the only positive “habits” I have observed in him. Another remark said, “Now it even appears like he ceased that. Another remark stated, “Haan even I feel he is going through something I feel bad for him.”

One of the current crop of actors in the business is Salman Khan. According to rumours, Salman is gaining weight in preparation for his role as an army guy in Karan Johar’s upcoming film.