15+ Bollywood Celebrities Caught In Sting Operation Ready To Support Political Party For Money

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In a Sting operation, the Cobrapost revealed the names of 36 Bollywood celebrities who were ready to support political parties on social media in exchange for huge money. The celebrities included big names like popular singers, famous stand-up comedians and award-winning actors from both the film and television industry.

Cobrapost, which is a non-profit website, approached the celebrities posing as a PR agency. Undercover agents were sent to the homes and offices of the celebrities. The undercover agents convinced the celebs to post what they wanted in praise of the political party but in a way that it would appear as if the celebs were posting opinions on their own.

Here are the 30 celebrities busted in the sting by Cobrapost:

1. Vivek Oberoi


2. Sunny Leone



3. Poonam Pandey

4. Shreyas Talpade


5. Rajpal Yadav


6. Mahima Chaudhry


7. Jackie Shroff

8. Kailash Kher

9. Ameesha Patel


10. Raju Srivastava