Bollywood Celebs’ Close Ties With Pakistan’s ISI Puppets Surface Once Again, Netizens Demand An Investigation


Pakistanis sitting in the comfort of a foreign land encouraging and pushing Kashmiri youth to pick up guns and even sometimes funding such nefarious activities is not new. However, some of the Bollywood celebrities seem to have developed a habit of fraternising with individuals who are known to harbour unmitigated hatred for India. From fawning themselves with the D-company chief Dawood Ibrahim—to socialising with Pakistan’s terror establishment, the Bollywood celebrities have often shown that patriotism is a hollow concept for them, worthy only of making money from it by emulating it in their movies.

Since decades now, a multitude of Indian Bollywood actors have been hobnobbing with Pakistani entrepreneurs, lobbyists. The Bollywood celebrities have enjoyed their links with the anti-India government, from cosying up with these individuals, who are suspected to be planted by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI to signing commercial deals with these infamous guys.

The warm friendship between ISI agents and the so-called Bollywood celebrities is no longer a secret since on Wednesday photos of actors and movie stars with Pakistani businessmen near to the government in Pakistan were all over the internet, raising serious questions about the Bollywood direct links with Pakistan.

Netizens uncovered pictures of Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan with California-based Kashmiri separatist Tony Ashai on Wednesday, who had been urging Kashmiri youth to fight India.

Shah Rukh Khan is believed to have a very close friendship with Tony Ashai. Ashai is thought to have built many of his properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and even constructed his Los Angeles apartments. His son Bilal Ashai urged the young Kashmiri to take up weapons.

A Srinagar-based activist Al Iskandar @TheSkandar posted a series of tweets on Twitter alleging that Tony Ashai, also known as Aziz Ashai, was a leader of ISI-sponsored terror group Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). According to him, the Bollywood superstar had hired Ashai as an architect. Khan’s wife Gauri, he appears to be interested in a lot of her projects with Ashai.

The Kashmiri-based activist said Tony Ashai’s use of his Bollywood influence “is a well-documented plan.” He said Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan himself is a patriotic person but is not aware of the plans of Tony Ashai.

Tony Ashai, also known as Aziz Azai, allegedly studied at Buffalo University, US, which was funded by JKLF’s pro-Pakistan terror group. However, JKLF also sponsored Ashai’s first business venture – ‘Ashai Design,’ he tweeted.

It is alleged that in the autumn of 1992, $450k had come from a shell company in Birmingham. Tony ‘s son Bilal Ashai is an MSA member who has links to the alleged social media user The Muslim Brotherhood.

Citing Ashai ‘s photographs with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Al Iskandar alleged that Ashai was on ISI ‘s payroll, who is in touch with many people in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere.

Ashai’s provocative anti-India tweets were also shared by the social media user to dig at Ashai saying he was sitting in California’s comfortable rooms and threatening Kashmiri youth to pick up stones and weapons while his own son Bilal Ashai recently graduated with a Masters degree from the Los Angeles University of Southern California.

Arthur Ashai ‘s brother Tony Ashai is no less of a hater of India. Arthur can be seen threatening an Indian for endorsing PM Modi in a video which has gone viral on social media.

He was upset that the Indian man said “Modi Zindabad” on his face, accusing him of ‘discriminating’ against the Kashmiri people. He harassed him for apologizing and asked if he would say ‘Modi zindabad’ again.

Not only the romantic friendship between Bollywood and Tony Ashai, social media users dug out many photos of other actors including Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar and others with another UK-based anti-India activist. The netizens also pointed out how another Pakistani businessman, Aneel Mussarat, enjoys good relations with different Indian celebrities as well.

It is suspected that Aneel Mussarat is an important aide to Pakistani PM Imran Khan and enjoys good ties with the military establishment in Pakistan. Whether it’s Shah Rukh Khan or Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor or her father Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone or her husband Ranveer Singh, all these luminaries in Bollywood have been found revelling in Mussarat ‘s company.

A January Twitter post went viral Wednesday

Who is Aneel Mussarat?

Aneel Mussarat, a British born Pakistani businessman and a real estate baron, not only shares a close friendship with a legion of Bollywood stars but also has an intimate association with Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan, his political party PTI, Pakistan Army Chief of Staff – General Bajwa, Inter-Services Public Relations – Asif Ghafoor General Director.

Mussarat was also outspoken in his support for the refugees from Rohingya, which India’s government considered a “danger to national security.” A significant number of unaccountable Rohingyas intruded across the porous boundaries it shares with Bangladesh into India. Mussarat heads the Rafay Mussarat foundation that collaborated with the Minhaj Welfare Foundation during the Rohingya crisis to provide assistance to Rohingya refugees.

What is curious, though, is the close connection that Mussarat has with the current Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has made dissolving about the Indian PM Modi his ritual.

He is referred to by Pakistani media as PM Imran Khan ‘s close aide. He tried to get close to former Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh during the inauguration of Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara in November 2019 but was forced away by security when he tried to take a selfie.

In 2017, Khan, who was not then Pakistan’s prime minister, attended the wedding of Mussarat ‘s daughter in London along with numerous Bollywood celebrities.

Bollywood’s links with Rehan Siddiqui

Rehan Siddique, who is a Pakistani but based on Houston, also owns a radio channel where he frequently supports terrorist activity in Kashmir and India and spreads propaganda. Rehan Siddiqui had considerable experience in the music and radio industry and said he had arranged over 400 successful concerts with many of South Asia’s and Bollywood’s biggest stars.

Rehan Siddiqui organized Bollywood events, and supported anti-India propaganda, particularly against Kashmir. Rehan Siddique was reported to be on Indian authorities’ radar in February after it was revealed that Siddique is organizing Bollywood events, and the money raised from it is being used to fund anti-India activities abroad, with a focus on Kashmir in particular.

He is reportedly owning a radio channel and bringing Indian artists to Houston for concerts in Bollywood. He uses his radio outlets as a medium for conducting propaganda against India.

The American Indian diaspora had strongly opposed the orchestrated activities of Siddiqui, asking the government to dissuade the Bollywood celebrities from taking part in the events arranged by a ‘ISI agent.’ There were requests not to allow Bollywood celebrities to take part in shows.

The diaspora also reported that the local Sikh community is working to organize anti-CAA protests in Houston and pro-Khalistan protests by Siddiqui and other Pakistani nationals. In the aftermath of Pulwama attack and subsequent Balakot bombings, Siddiqui’s radio channel is also accused of carrying on anti-India propaganda.

Calls for investigations into Bollywood links with Pakistan grows

Following the startling news, BJP Vice-President Baijayant Panda urged “patriotic Bollywoodies” to renounce their affiliation with people in Jammu and Kashmir who advocate terror.

Taking to Twitter, Baijayant Panda said, “I came across shocking threads documenting personal & business relations of some Bollywood celebrities with some Pakistanis & NRIs with undeniable track record promoting violence in J&K, which have verifiable links to ISI & Pak army. I urge patriotic Bollywoodies to give up.’