These Bollywood Divas Experienced Wardrobe Malfunction And Exposed Side B**Bs

Bollywood, Divas, Experienced, Wardrobe, Malfunction

Bollywood is the world of glamour and fashion. At the same time, it is also the world of many controversies. Sometimes the clothes celebrities wear do not act best on the bodies and oops moments occur. A lot of times, these celebrities end up in awkward and embarrassing situations. The wardrobe malfunctions are common and many a time the divas face the awkward moments and end up exposing. Everyday actresses face oops moments due to a wardrobe malfunction or do a public stunt to remain in the news.

Poonam Pandey, for instance, promises to strips, because that’s her claim to fame and it is highly unlikely she will stop doing that. The 28-year-old loves her hot body and time and again announces to strip. This year Poonam posted new pics putting her underboob on display, all this on the name of enjoying Brazil vs Mexico match during 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Flashing underboob is very much in trend and the diva who is obsessed with posting half-naked photos on the micro-blogging platform gave a good view of hers to fans by removing her bra and posting pics after it.

Let’s have a look at these pictures of the embarrassing moments of Bollywood celebrities when they accidentally exposed.

Adah Sharma posted a video on YouTube dancing with those sexy moves and accidentally her underboob was shown.


At times stars wear something which is very hot but not very steady on their bodies and that is what happened with the actress Saba Aza at GQ Best dressed man event.

Something of the same sort happened to Sonam Kapoor last year. Sonam is known for carrying anything but in this dress, even she could not help but show her underboob.

Rhea Chakraborty was also caught adjusting her dress to hide more than a cleavage.

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