Bans Their Services For Bollywood And The Reason Is Shockingly

1076, a service that allows people to hire a helper, had earlier created quite an uproar with its controversial advertisement. But it’s back in news again.

Yes, the company has banned celebrities from hiring their maids in future after shocking incidents.The website’s co-founder Anupam Singhal has written in a blog on her website about what domestic helps go through when Bollywood stars hire them.

“BookMyBai has worked very closely with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and provided them with a good domestic help in Mumbai and other cities and our experience have not been less than horrendous,” he writes.

“I am only talking out of my personal experience of providing a domestic help to over 20 Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai…BookMyBai has a blanket ban on all Bollywood celebrities and we have instructed our team to not provide domestic help to any of them,” he adds.

He listed out 5 such celebrity cases in Mumbai, without naming them, and the experiences their staff had to go through. In one such instance, the Bollywood actress did not release her helper for his mother’s last ritual back in Bihar as she was waiting for the replacement, in another case, the full-time maid was not provided food and was only given tea thrice a day.Also, Read Internet Can’t Keep Calm Over Absconder Vijay Mallya’s Arrest And Bail Within 3 Hours!

In yet another horrific episode, the maid was beaten black and blue and got so scared that she left for the village and never came back.Also, Read UAE Billionaire To Invest Rs 1000 Cr To Make ‘Mahabharata’ & The Crew Includes Oscar Winners!

Online service has a database of nearly 12,000 domestic bits of help who are ready for employment. Business is booming as the company claims to be successful in placing 500 domestic bits of help in Mumbai every month.Also, Read Watch: video of Om Puri’s ghost goes viral as a popular news channel airs it