Brendan Fraser Said He Would Definitely Agree To Star In A Mummy Sequel


I know you must be wondering what happened to Brendan Fraser’s career and what he is currently up to. Well, the great news is that he reportedly showed much interest in the guessed sequel of the Mummy franchise. He accompanied the Canadian FAN EXPO and said a few words which the fans loved hearing!

He even asked his fans if they wanted such a sequel to happen, to which they shouted loudly! It seems that the actor is delighted to believe that he could be Rick again, and we can tell you that we never want to see someone else in his role!

One thing is for sure: we all want a Mummy sequel! There has been a lot of time since the last movie, and we hope the upcoming one would become a massive hit.

Fraser knows how to play that role in the best way. The last time a reboot of the franchise was made, it was not what it was supposed to be, and the move starring Tom Cruise was far from the original 1999 film’s high ratings. Universal had to do a better job, but it is still not too late!

The 50-year-old actor might spark something, and if the producers heard what he had to say, they might consider thinking about making a decent movie, and hopefully, Rachel Weisz would be there, too! Fraser would like that, and so would the fans!