Bride Collapsed And Di*d During Her Wedding, So Groom Marries Her Sister Instead


The wedding day is a time to rejoice. However, the family had to grieve for their daughter’s de*th on that day. Surbhi, the bride, collapsed unexpectedly during the wedding in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. Surbhi collapsed on the floor when she and groom Manjesh Kumar exchanged garlands. A village doctor was dispatched to examine her, but she was pronounced dead on the spot due to a heart attack.

Rather than interrupting the procession, the two families came to an arrangement to continue the wedding ceremony. It’s understandable to question how they would continue the practise if the bride had di*d.

The families agreed that Surbhi’s sister, Nisha, would be the bride. This was a “difficult decision,” according to the uncle.

Tahir Ibn Manzoor

For the guests as well as the family, the scenario was ludicrous. “It’s hard to imagine a dead body was in the other room — and a bride was being prepared in the next one,” Surbhi’s brother Saubhar said.

“In the scenario, we didn’t know what to do.”

Saubhar detailed the circumstances to the news agency IANS, saying, “Both families sat together, and someone recommended that the groom’s younger sister, Nisha, marry him. The two families talked about it and came to an agreement.”

Explaining what may have gone wrong, tradition played a significant role in influencing their choices.

Tahir Ibn Manzoor

On the one hand, the bride’s family expected a dowry from the marriage, and on the other hand, returning from the wedding ceremony with his wife would have given the groom’s family a terrible name.

It was a difficult decision, but they eventually agreed to let their younger daughter take the place of the deceased bride in order to show respect to the other family. Guddi Devi, the bride’s bereaved mother, made the request.

Gaurav, her son, is now caring for her. “Mummy is in a lot of agony,” he continued, describing her condition. In the photo below, the family and neighbours are in mourning.

Tahir Ibn Manzoor

“As the eldest daughter, she calls for her on a daily basis. She had hoped to accomplish great things in her life. May she be at ease “He went on to say more.

The family was still dealing with the “mixed feelings” that had arisen as a result of the startling event. Surbhi’s uncle said they were still processing both the “grief… and delight from the wedding” at the same time.