California Mum And Daughter With 23-Year Age Gap Keep Getting Mistaken For Sisters


A mother who is regularly mistaken for the sister of her 19-year-old daughter says the teenager is not upset by the comparison because they are’ too similar.’

Whenever viewers see pictures of 43-year-old Joleen Diaz and her daughter Meilani Parks, they can’t believe the distance between them is 23 years old.

Joleen, a Northern California elementary school teacher, has revealed how she manages to maintain such a youthful look, saying that her secret is clean living.

The happy mum says she’s’ really similar’ to Meilani, with the two doing lots of things like shopping, working out and travelling together. Sometimes[ we] just lay down and talk on the sofa,’ she explained.

Due to this closeness, when people think that her mum is her friend, the teenager doesn’t take offence, with Joleen saying:’ I don’t think she cares… I was pretty young when I had her, so it’s not quite unlikely that we could be sisters.’

Notwithstanding her youthful looks, Joleen declines to tag to parties with her friend, saying she doesn’t want us to do that in the near future at any time. She added:’ I’ve had my share of doing both–I’d rather stay home these days, drink a nice cup of hot tea and watch a good movie.’

The 43-year-old puts her youthful glow down to her’ healthy and active lifestyle;’ she drinks alcohol ‘ rarely,’ gets plenty of rest, and consumes a’ clean, healthy diet.’

The key, however, is her beauty regime:

I take care of my skin regularly, and I wash my face every day in the morning and before going to bed. And the password, really? Early start. At a young age, I started taking care of my skin, about 12 or 13. My mum was buying Mary Kay and I’d use her skincare products secretly.

Tretinoin is one drug that has shown me dramatic change. It is known by most people as Retin-A. I’ve been using it for about a year and a half now and I just saw my skin getting better and better.

I use sunscreen totally, every day, even on gloomy, rainy days. I also use the day and night vitamin C serum. It gives me the confidence to have good skin, even in the days I don’t look my best.

And if you ask yourself, Joleen is already demanding that young Meilani pursue the same strict regimen as her. She explained,’ Yes I do. I got her start around the age of 12.’ The mother believes that her naturally relaxed attitude is also essential to her youthful looks in addition to skincare products. I’m pretty pragmatic and trying not to think too much about the past or to predict potential concerns,’ she said.

Joleen split up nice 13 years ago with her husband but the couple still gets along and go together frequently on holiday. The mother says that she lives a’ pretty simple life’ and that she is’ happy’ with what she has.

On her Instagram, she regularly posts pictures of the two of them, prompting many social media users to share their curiosity about the fact that Joleen has a teenage daughter.

Yes, some have found out that they can’t even figure out who the mum is and who the daughter is, with one person writing:’ Which one is the mom I don’t understand[ sic].’ Another asked:’ Who at this stage was who.’

Others were unbelieving about the relationship’s reality, with one person asking:’ are you a mother??? And another saying:’ If you’re her girlfriend, you’re the hottest mother in the world officially!’