Can You Have Any Idea What’s Going On In These Pictures?


10. I definitely needed a ride back home and this generous man gave me one. Bye bro!

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11. Is he wearing boots or is that the leg of the chair!

12. How and why on Earth did they think of doing this? This is what being ridiculous beyond limits looks like.

13. One, she looks like Medusa, two, I don’t know what is she trying to do!

14. When gal pals really follow their own little trend and get matching dresses!

15. I mean, just why? What led the designer to think of this? And why on Earth are people paying to buy this?

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16. I’m gonna be a ninja turtle today or get killed in the process. No in between.

17. It may look weird, but cold on cold definitely feels nice!

18. Okay, what now? Is this his hand? Is this his leg? Somebody solve this mystery, please!

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