Central Vista Kartavya Path – Everything To Know About The Revamped Central Vista Project


The historic Rajpath in Delhi, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi renamed Kartavya Path, will be officially opened at 7 p.m. today in a special ceremony.

In December 2020, the massive renovation project got underway. Since then, the Central Vista Project has experienced everything from political resistance to Supreme Court halt orders. With the three-kilometre-long renowned Kartavya Path between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate, the route has significantly improved. a brand-new Parliament structure as well as a shared central secretariat.

What is the Central Vista Redevelopment Project?

The NDA government at the centre, led by Narendra Modi, has an ambitious project that seeks to rehabilitate a 3.2-km stretch known as the Central Vista, which is located in the centre of Lutyens Delhi, which the British developed in the 1930s.

The project will cost a total of Rs 20,000 crore and will involve the demolition and reconstruction of numerous government buildings, including recognisable landmarks, as well as the development of a new Parliament.

The national government of India launched a rehabilitation project in 2019 to give the country’s “power corridor” a new name. The plan calls for building a new parliament, houses for the prime minister and vice president, and ten structures to house all of the government’s ministries and divisions.

The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is carrying out the project, which should be finished by 2024.

Central Vista Project Architecture


A 59-year-old architect was hiding out in a corner of the Sabarmati Ashram location last week as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched celebrations to commemorate India’s 75th anniversary of independence. He was trying to avoid any media attention. Few attendees were aware that this individual was the driving force behind the $1,200 million ambitious effort to renovate the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad.

This was not the first time Bimal Patel had attempted to remain anonymous in order to escape the continual media attention on the illustrious projects he was working on. He has chosen to remain mute in order to avoid any “publicity hankering” on the Central Vista, the Prime Minister’s favourite project that intends to revamp India’s “power corridors.”

The Supreme Court just approved a project worth Rs 14,000 crore, and Bimal is the architect behind it.

What is the estimated cost of the Central Vista Project?


The anticipated cost of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project is Rs 20,000 crores. Approximately Rs. 1,000 crores of this will be used to build a new Parliament Building.

Why do we need a new Parliament?

According to the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the current Parliament building, which was built by the British, is almost 93 years old and has structural safety issues. The quality of amenities it provides has “considerably” declined over time, and it is “extremely stressed,” according to the government.

The prime minister’s mansion is likely to be relocated as part of the Central Vista Project next to the South Block, which contains the prime minister’s office (PMO). The new residence of the vice president will be closer to the North Block. The “North” and “South” Blocks received their names since they are situated to the north and south of Rashtrapati Bhavan, respectively.

The North and South Blocks will be turned into museums, per the renovation proposal.

Kartavya Path will comprise the former Rajpath and Central Vista Lawns

According to the NDMC resolution, Rashtrapati Bhavan and the entire area between it and the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose statue would be known as Kartavya Path.

A major disclosure will also be made about the 28-foot-tall, massive granite statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The 65 metric tonne edifice was erected in the same spot where his holographic statue was unveiled by PM Modi on January 23, 2022, which is Parakram Diwas (Netaji’s birthday).

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Why the redevelopment project was started?

According to reports, it was done to solve the traffic issues on and surrounding Rajpath and the areas near Central Vista Avenue. The area was suffering as a result of the rising visitor traffic. Visitors to the new power corridor will have access to amenities including drinking water, public restrooms, street furniture, and enough parking to make their experience more comfortable and convenient.

Here is some information that will give you an insight into the much-talked-about Kartavya Path

  • The project’s alleged cost is pegged at about Rs. 13450 crores.
  • A total of six new parking spaces, 64 women’s restrooms, 32 men’s restrooms, and ten facilities for individuals with disabilities are among the improved amenities.
  • Over 400 benches were added to accommodate more people.
  • public performing venues at amphitheatres.
  • There will be underpasses for barrier-free crossing to help with traffic management.
  • 16 km of pedestrian walkways and 16 permanent walkway bridges are planned.
  • enhanced drainage system with appropriate drain channels and slopes.
  • There are 80 security officers on duty and 300 CCTV cameras have been placed for increased security.
  • Visitors will be able to boat, and there will be about 8 vendor plazas with a capacity of 40 merchants each.
  • 140 new trees have been planted, covering an area of around 101 acres.
  • Around 900 new light poles have been installed, while 74 antique light poles with historical significance have been rehabilitated.
  • There is enough for roughly 1125 cars in the newly rebuilt parking area.
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After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ceremonial opening, the public will be allowed to use Delhi’s renovated Central Vista Avenue. The inaugural event is slated to take place at the C-Hexagon and is anticipated to draw many VVIPs and invitees.

A series of photographs taken along the avenue show how the newly refurbished area is wider, cleaner, and greener.

The most recent photos show how Central Vista Project has improved and added facilities.

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