A Chinese Guy said Insulting Remarks Against India, Celina Jaitely Roasted Him


The Indian actress Celina Jaitley has come up with an apt response to a Chinese journalist who has tried to make fun of India’s productivity by saying even if China wants to boycott the Indian goods; it’s hard to do that because there aren’t many Indian goods on the Chinese market.

The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps to protect the privacy of the Indian people after the dispute between the Indian and the Chinese shoulders in the Galway Valley that resulted in 20 Indian soldiers being martyred and a number of casualties being inflicted on the Chinese side as well.

The Indian government’s decision did not go well with the Chinese government and the Chinese media at all, and several comments have been passed over the last few days indicating the Chinese’s restlessness.

A Chinese journalist named Hu Xijin recently published a tweet saying that his Indian “mates” need more important things than “nationalism.”

Celina Jaitley, who’s a constant presence these days on social media, didn’t waste too much time quoting Xijin’s tweet. In his message, Celina wrote that Xijin needs to realise that friends don’t kill each other, and the word he should use is “patriotism” because Indians are willing to die for their country.

Celina also cites the same tweet for the second time and told Xijin that BUDDHISM, a religion that has dominated China’s culture for many, many years, has only come from India.

Celina added in another tweet

Celina is one who is part of an army family. Though his father VK Jaitley was a war veteran, his brother currently serves the Indian Army as well.