Chinese Lonely Boys Are Super Happy Because They Can Rent A Girlfriend In Just 1 RMB (Rs 10)

Girlfriend, Chinese, Lonely, Boys , Happy , Rent

Who doesn’t want a girlfriend? Everyone wants though everyone is not lucky to have one. Well, single Indians might have to wait but Chinese boys may finally see their dream of having a girlfriend coming true now.

In a shopping mall named Vitality City located at Heyuan City in South China’s Guangdong, they have models which can be rented out as girlfriends by the boys. The payment is only 1 RMB which is equivalent to Rs 10 approx for 20 minutes.

Girlfriend, Chinese, Lonely, Boys , Happy , Rent

After paying this much sum you can take the girl for around in the mall, you can take her along for shopping and even ask her out for lunch or dinner. After 20 minutes if you decide to not continue then she will simply return to her place and if you want to continue then you can simply pay the price again.

Girlfriend, Chinese, Lonely, Boys , Happy , Rent

However, this is still not that simple and you don’t have all the privileges. There are some rules, regulations, and bars set.

For example, the girls cannot be taken outside the mall and are meant to accompany you only inside the premises. This is a masterstroke to ensure more crowd inside the mall and as per the authorities, they have pulled it out well.

Girlfriend, Chinese, Lonely, Boys , Happy , Rent

Another rule is that you can’t touch the girl without her consent and it’s strictly prohibited.

What are your thoughts on it?

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