Coco Austin Hired A Guy To Vacuum The Street Where She Walked


Coco Austin did bizarre request and this is insane. Coco Austin hired an assistant to clean the road right in the front of her where she walks. The guy can be seen clearly cleaning from one area to another making sure that she walks in the cleaned street.

coco Austin, Vacuum cleaner, assistant, road , walks, guy,

Coco walked on the street in bright pink with a floral-themed outfit. Clearly, the folks around her that time was puzzled. watching a man vacuuming a woman’s path is not a common thing to see. Coco demand was clear with this she wanted to walk on the clean road. the video linked below in this article clearly shows her bizarre demand.

This is not the first time, though, that the former reality star flaunts her diva attitude.

coco Austin, Vacuum cleaner, assistant, road , walks, guy,

She even once published undressed to promote body confidence. There are some people who say that Coco actually has an OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And if this is the case, this might simply explain her vacuum stunt too. The glamour model gave birth to Chanel in late 2015. She has been married to Ice-T for 15 years.